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Friday, November 12, 2004

Division, wither thou comest?

The incomparable Walter Williams has an article in which helps to explain the division in our country. He makes the case that Big Government is a zero-sum game, and that for some group to ``win`` another must lose; this, he argues, results in conflict between people.

I mostly agree with this, but I think his argument fails to take several things into account. Liberalism has juggled disparate interests to maintain its power, and although some groups routinely get the short end of the stick (the black community gets the droppings from the Democrats year in and year out) they still don`t break from the fold. Why? Williams argument can`t explain this. Furthermore, in surveys of Americans, many people who were to receive a tax cut as a result of George Bush`s tax reform were more than willing to send their refund back if they could prevent the rich from likewise getting tax relief. How can you explain this?

The fact is, we are dealing with a religion here. Many people vote Democrat, or hate rich people, or support liberal policy, because they have FAITH. There is no reasoned opinion behind their views. They grew up believing a certain way and, by God (or Government) they will martyr themselves for the cause. Conservatives MAY be this way too; I certainly am conservative because of my Christian faith, as well as the fact that liberalism is completely at odds with reality.

Why is this coming to a head now? Simple. Liberals have, until now, run the show. Suddenly they see the country slipping from their grasp and they can neither believe it nor can they stand the thought of it. Conservatives have been plugging away for decades, and our side is used to fighting the good fight. The left has always hated us, but didn`t see the need to push the issue. Now their true colors are coming out. They (rightly) see this as a death-struggle between belief systems.

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Blogger Aussiegirl said...

I completely agree. And furthermore, the liberals are dangerous when they lose power, because they have become so accustomed to being in charge that they have forgotten how to fight fair and don't feel like they should have to defend their rightful place at the helm. They truly are like the aristocrats of old, and just as out of touch. Their hysterical retreat to their fainting couches after the election is just one indicator that they are completely out of touch with reality and real America. And the low-down and dirty tricks that were employed during the campaign show that they increasingly feel justified in using any means at their disposal to achieve their desired ends. Because, as you said, it is somewhat of a religion, all bound up with feelings, and having little resort to common sense. And there are many other features to the liberal mindset that we can take a lifetime pondering and that will make plenty of fodder for future columns.


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