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Saturday, August 19, 2006

A Large Part of the Problem

Koffi Annan, that pillar of strength in a world at war, has promised that any troops sent into Lebanon under the auspices of the United Nations would not wage war.

I pose the question; what exactly is the use of troops in a war zone if they won`t wage war? U.N. ``Peacekeepers`` are there for precisely that purpose, and if they don`t wage war they may as well stay home.

What Annan is more interested in is enforcing the U.N.`s authority over events; he doesn`t give a rats rump about saving lives, or about ending bloodshed. He wants those troops in Lebanon for the sake of their being there, thus reinforcing the ``right`` of the U.N. to exercise authority over nations. These troops will be a trimph of symbolism, while not intended to actually accomplish anything.

Of course, under the U.N. occupation, Hezbollah will be free to rearm and prepare for another go at Israel-which could well be the whole point. I can`t help but believe that Koffi prefers Hez-Ebollah and such groups to Israel, and would be happy if all of the Jews packed their bags and moved to Madagascar (where Hitler wanted to send them before his ``final solution``) I see rampant anti-Semitism in the U.N., and I don`t think they would shed any tears if Israel were driven into the sea.

I loved this quote;

'It is not expected to achieve by force what must be realized through negotiation and an internal Lebanese consensus

So, it requires a Lebanese concensus; what if that concensus is that Israel must be destroyed? This certainly seems to be the concensus in the South, where Hezbollah has been launching their attacks. Peace isn`t a matter of concensus. If that were true Hitler would never have been in power in Germany, Tojo in Japan, Stalin in the old Soviet Union. We would not have our long bloody human history if peace were a matter of concensus. It`s hard to believe that anyone listens to a man this stupid, or that he holds such an influential position in this world.

The United Nations isn`t the solution, it`s a large part of the problem.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The United Nations isn`t the solution, it`s a large part of the problem."

Tim, in addition to the trepidations of Hezbollah, the UN is the problem. It is precisely their incompetance that has led to this point in South Lebanon methinks.

11:05 AM  

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