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Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Affleunt Problem at Intellectual Conservative

Timothy Birdnow

Affleunce has it's problems - and the Country Club wing of the GOP has made a mess of things while in charge. The Founding Fathers understood the critical role the wealthy play in society - but they couldn't understand the corrupting influences of liberalism in the schools, the universities, and how the wealthier come to view themselves as above patriotism.

check it out at Intellectual Conservative.

I did make one boo-boo; after speaking about the Electoral College I then said they set up direct elections for the Presidency, and some commenter angrily denounced me for it. Of course, he ignored the fact that I had just expostulated on how they did NOT set up direct presidential elections (it was a typo-I meant of the House). Ah, well, take it for what it is...

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