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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Joey Maxim Wisdom or Mitt Romney?

Timothy Birdnow

Here are two quotes from the Federalist Patriot worth bearing in mind:

"[W]hat we see is that Romney won big in metro Chicago, carried the counties with small cities (Rockford, Peoria, Springfield, Champaign-Urbana) Downstate and ran even in the two counties just east of St. Louis, for a solid victory. Romney essentially carried the areas that Barack Obama carried against John McCain in November 2008." --political analyst Michael Barone

"In the general election, President Obama will have all the advantages against Romney that Romney currently has against his Republican rivals. ... And the mainstream media will give Obama more publicity than Romney can buy. How does anyone ever defeat a sitting president then? They do it because they have a message that rings and resonates. ... The question is not which Republican looks better against Barack Obama in the polls today, before the general election campaign begins. The question is which Republican can take the fight to Barack Obama, as Reagan took the fight to Carter, and win the poll that ultimately matters, the vote on Election Day." --economist Thomas Sowello

End quotes.

So, Romney wins Chicago. Romney wins East St. Louis (aka Kinshasa of the Midwest, the place where there are no light bulbs in the street lights, no street signs, abandoned buildings everywhere, and the entire community is on government assistance). He wins, well, LIBERALS. I'm really excited about his chances in the general election!

Sowell is right; we're trying to play Obamaball on Obama's home field.

When Sugar Ray Robinson went for the Light Heavyweight championship against Joey Maxim, he was expected to win. Maxim, despite being bigger, was a powder-puff puncher. Maxim, however, was no dummy; he studied Robinson's fights, and saw what it took to defeat him. Robinson shined against fighters like himself, but didn't do well against maulers, against those types of fighters who grabbed and wrestled and gouged and poked. Maxim did just that - and won.

Had he tried to dance with Robinson he would have been creamed.

Our side has been suckered into dancing with Barack Obama. We think that polls show Romney can win, and he wins against other Republicans. But he really is not opposed to Obama philosophically; he created the model for Obama's healthcare grab, he supports amnesty, supports cap and trade, is essentially a "go slow" Obamabot. When push comes to shove he will fight as half the man Obama is - and that will be his undoing.

I see a fairly easy loss by Romney. Even if it is tight, I fear Obama will prevail. Obama not only has far more money, but has a ruthless organization that will steal 1 to 3 % of the vote. The engaged will vote against Obama, but the unengaged may well not - especially if we have war with Iran, which I suspect Obama is keeping as his October Surprise.

And even if Romney wins, we have at least four years of defending him and trying to keep him on the reservation.

Yes, we can live with Romney, while we are dead if Obama gets re-elected. But that's assuming he can beat Obama.

Joey Maxim should illustrate a point to us; you do not win by matching head to head, our strength against theirs. Our candidates don't have the muscle, because they don't have the media on their side, don't have George Soros, don't have the labor unions and leftist organizations, don't have the Federal workers. We can only win by attacking with our strength where they are weak. Obama's very weak in many critical issues. Romney won't be able to exploit those weaknesses, however.

The Maxim/Robinson bout should teach us wisdom. Too bad so many on our side think wisdom is folly.

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