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Saturday, March 10, 2012

More on the Obama Fakes

Dana Mathewson

In regards to Zippy and Sheriff Joe Arpaio:

I'd found this on One commentor hit the nail right on the head, I believe, when he said, quote,

"Let's see, what transpired that the EXACT same time as this came to light??

Sandra Fluke. And, what has the media been focusing on ever since? Sandra Fluke.

What did Andrew Breitbart say?? Wait to see what comes out March 1. That happens to be the same day that this forgery was revealed, but sadly the same day Andrew died, then Fluke testifies and Rush calls it like it is and the media goes wild.

I knew Sandra Fluke was a smoke and mirrors deflection for something!"

End comment.

Here's something I hadn't considered. From another commentor on Lucianne (verbatim):

"I have always been bothered by the thought that the Russians or the Israelis the Irainins or the Chinese might have the evidence that Pres. BO is not eligible, and that they could create a situation, most likely military, and then pull out the evidence, making it impossible for the President of the United States to have the military engage.

Then what?"

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