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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fudging Data in Oz - Climatological Crimes

Timothy Birdnow

for those who don't understand how this works, climate data is fudged on a regular basis by a couple of tricks. One is to start with a low temperature point (like the 1970's or the early 1800's) and then your data shows warming. Another trick is to cherry pick, using what works and discarding the rest (like was done with Yamal tree rings).  Or there is "Mike's Nature Trick" in which completely different sets of data are grafted together as one, without anything alerting the reader.

Jennifer Marohassy gives us the heads-up on a version of this Down Under; a temperature reconstruction for werstern Sydney shows warming - but the data set only goes back to the '70's and it only uses data from WESTERN Sydney. Had they used the entire city it would have come out quite differently.

According to the article:

IF you believe Australia’s Climate Commissioner, Tim Flannery, it is getting hotter and hotter in Western Sydney.[1]

But scientist Basil Beamish noticed that in the Climate Commission report they only show the trend of the number of hot days from 1970-2011. There is data for Sydney, measured at Observatory Hill, back to 1890.

Dr Beamish noticed that if you use all of the hot days data back to 1890 it is clear there is a different long-term pattern in play (see blue line in chart). In fact the year with the greatest number of hot days for Sydney is 1926 (12 days) and this has not been beaten since.

But instead of reporting on the long term trend for Sydney as measured at Observatory Hill from 1890, Professor Flannery has chosen to just focus on Western Sydney and in particular use only the data for Parramatta North (see red line in chart). This data set begins in 1970, which was a low point in the hot days cycle. By choosing Parramatta and beginning in 1970, Professor Flannery can make the upward trend in hot days look dramatic.

Parramatta is further inland than the Observatory Hill site and so the summers are warmer and the winter’s colder. But if there were data for Parramatta back to 1890 it would almost certainly show the same pattern as Observatory Hill. Indeed it was almost certainly hotter in Parramatta, in Western Sydney, in 1926 than anytime since.

End excerpt.

Does anyone wonder why were are skeptical of the climate scientists? This sort of misconduct would be a major scandal in any discipline, but it the Climate Change battle royale it is criminal, as these numbers are used to justify draconian governmental policies that transfer gargantuan amounts of wealth. It is larceny on planetary scale.

The F.B.I. never charged Al Capone with crimes; they charged him with tax evasion. At the very least their case against Capone was weaker than the case against the Gang Green and their government allies. Why aren't people going to jail? Why hasn't Michael Mann been indicted? Or Phil JOnes? These people are criminals.

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