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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hilary Rosen stops two black children from having a father

Jack Kemp

In frequent White House visitor Hilary Rosen's latest rant against heterosexuals,'s Ben Shapiro reports that Rosen now claims that straight people are ruining marriage. Specifically, she stated on ABC Television's "This Weak:"

Here's one more sort of nonpolitical point, which is, you know, sorry, but straight people don't need any help tearing down the institution of marriage. You're doing just fine as it is. One in three divorces. You know, come on.

As Shapiro said in the article, there is nothing nonpolitical about this. Ms. Rosen has figuratively divorced the partner she had when they adopted these children (apparently carrying a child to term was not a favorable option for both these partners), so Rosen now has her own lesbian version of divorced parents with the children traveling between both "parents." And she wants to lecture straights on the subject of fidelity. She's not even qualified to lecture lesbians who have gone through pregnancy and delivered their own children. These two children more resemble, for Ms. Rosen, a set of matching fashion accessories.

Also the photo in the article shows that the children adopted by Ms. Rosen are both black. That means this boy and girl now have no father in their life, which not so ironically is a major problem in the black community. So Rosen is doing her part to make sure two black children, which could have gone to a heterosexual couple of whatever background, will probably never have a father.

It appears, as Ms. Rosen lashes out against straights (Romney's campaign manager is probably restraining himself from sending her a "Thank You" note and four dozen roses), that she is trying as hard to convince herself of her negative position on heterosexual marriage as the rest of us.

But there is one consolation. Hilary Rosen is now perfectly qualified to author a trendy new children's book: Heather has FOUR Mommies.

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