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Friday, May 18, 2012

Martin was High; Zimmerman Guilty of Walking While White

Timothy Birdnow

An autopsy reveals that Trayvon Martin was high - or had been high - when he had his deadly altercation with George Zimmerman.

Yes, the kid who had gone to buy candy and tea had apparently been using illegal drug.

Now, that is not ground for execution, and this doesn't necessarily excuse Zimmerman, but it does weaken the case considerably. The media tried to paint Trayvon Martin as a pure victim, a little kid who went to the store and was foully murdered for walking while black. The reality is that Zimmerman has been shown to have had injuries consistent with an assault, and the autopsy showed Martin's knuckles were bruised in a manner consistent with Zimmerman's claim that he was being punched by Martin.

This case has disintegrated right before our eyes. One must ask, why was the media so quick to jump on the bandwagon when it appeared that a white man murdered an innocent black kid, but seem to have lost interest now that it looks like a black thug teenager tried to kill a "white hispanic" man?

The media is guilty of racial profiling. Zimmerman was walking while white.

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