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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Three more Veterans Service Dog YouTube Videos

Jack Kemp

Katie Couric, when she was on the CBS Evening News, had a segment on service dogs working with soldiers with Post Traumatic Stress. 3 min., 11 sec.

The therapy dog program at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington is shown briefly. The Director of their service dog program, Harvey Naranjo, and his program's first dog, Deuce (both shown in the video), came to NY City for Soldiers' Ride a few years ago. That event was a 20 mile bike ride through the city and made up various riders, including amputee veterans. I had the privilege of meeting Naranjo and Deuce while covering the story. 4 min., 29 sec.

Many service dogs for wounded veterans are trained in prisons. Here is a story about those trained by servicemen in a military prison, the Charleston, SC, Naval Brig. 2 min., 50 sec.

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