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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

NY Planned Parenthood turns into a Circus

Jack Kemp (This was first seen at American Thinker In my neighborhood this morning, I found a flyer in free newspaper street box for the “8th Annual Benefit for Planned Parenthood of New York City” and a link to their website. They call the event “Summer, Sex & Spirits.” Now getting drunk and having sex in a season where people where fewer clothes seems like a recipe for UNPLANNED Parenthood – or perhaps the abortion services that Planned Parenthood provides. The event will take place at the Hudson Terrace, a luxurious bar with a sweeping view of the Hudson River. Check out their web page. Among the entertainment mentioned in the flyer is “Naughty balloon artistry by Mistress B,” with a link to her web page. Let’s just say that the balloon imagery is reminiscent of Anthony Weiner’s transmitted photos. Another entertainment is the Lady Circus, an all women acrobatic group. Of course, if Planned Parenthood of New York continues funding efforts to abort female babies selectively, the Lady Circus may have to hire men to make up for a lower female population. When Cardinal Dolan of New York sued the Obama administration over their birth control mandate in May, “Representatives for Planned Parenthood New York blasted the archdiocese for turning the health issue into a religious issue.” So Planned Parenthood is now wants to dictate what areas of human life the Church is qualified to speak about – or have to pay for. Planned Parenthood’s redefinition of an unwanted pregnancy here is that it is a form of bad health, similar to a disease like asthma or a broken leg that any Catholic hospital should be required to treat or “fix.” When the Susan B. Komen Foundation bowed to pressure, groveled and then restored its funding of Planned Parenthood, they were in a figurative media circus. Now, if their representatives come to this New York event, they can be at a real circus. Just don’t take any of Mistress B’s naughty balloon designs back to Texas to decorate the headquarters office.

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