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Monday, June 11, 2012

Pakistani Texaco refuses to service American soldier

Jack Kemp A young soldier in uniform went into a Texaco station in Bogalusa, LA, a day or so ago and was told by a Pakistani that they "don't serve your kind here." It begins at the 54 second mark of this YouTube video. Before that are scenes of American sacrifice in the Gulf War.! The locals didn't take kindly to this and organized a boycott of the place, blocking half of the paths into the gas station and holding up signs. The American Legion Hall is across the street and the speaker promises Vietnam and Gulf War vets joining the protest on Saturday. I agree with the speaker's statement that this will become a national news story - at least on the internet. He is really pissed and refers to the Pakistanis as "rag heads." This is only the beginning. The video is a day old and already has close to 10,000 hits on YouTube.

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