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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

U.S. Top Transgressor of Internet Privacy

Timothy Birdnow According to Google, the United States is the second leading nation in requests for the removal of content from the internet to the search engine. You read that right; it's not China, Russia, zimbabwe (well, they probably don't have internet), Venezuela, Cuba, or any other tinhorn dictator or communist. It was the little old U.S. of A. And perhaps more frightening is that in the last six months of last year the U.S. was the top-ranked nation in the world requesting data on users. It seems that the Obama Administration is spying on a lot of Americans. When word leaked out that the Bush Administration was checking telephone records of long distance calls to known terrorists (and those records only revealed the telephone numbers making the calls) the Left went Aldo on us (Planet of the Apes anyone?) yet now they are strangely silent. Seems tyranny is just fine when it's their guy doing it. Americans have the right, among others, to be secure in their papers and effects. This is a Constitutionally protected category, and surely this applies to electronic papers and effects. Government has no right to study your Google records. Much was made of the Bush Administration studying patterns of library books on making explosives and whatnot to see where terrorists may be, and yet they are happy with this far more onerous invasion of privacy. But for the Left it was never about privacy, or the rights of Americans, but rather it was a club to beat their enemies with. Liberals use freedom as a policeman uses a baton. They don't worry about violating someone else's but are jealous of their own, because theirs can be used to stop those who would stop them. America is sinking into banana republican status. The biggest banana in the bunch labors tirelessly to fundamentally remake America, and he's doing a stellar job of it. This Administration is as repressive - at least in attitude - as any Latin American thugocracy. Banana republics do not last. The fact that they are personality driven and run for the benefit of the ruling Junta means that they rarely outlive the generalissimo. The United Banana Bunch of America will doubtlessly be as short-lived.

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