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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

We Are All Keynesians Now - at Least According to National Review at Conservative HQ

Timothy Birdnow We are All Keynsians now, at least according to National Review. In an astonishing piece, NRO argues in favor of currency manipulation and inflation to stimulate the economy, and I take them to task at Richard Viguerie's Conservative HQ. This gets to the heart of what it means to actually be conservative. We believe not in the hand of government manipulating events, not in central banks controlling our money supply, not in the notion that a sinful, flawed humanity can so create a more perfect human condition through tireless effort of reform but rather we believe in concepts like Natural Law, which says that God has a system and it's our job to follow (or if you prefer that there is a way things work according to nature, to Adam Smith's hidden hand, and that we do well to let that hidden hand move events rather than fiddling with it ourselves). Liberals believe in currency manipulation, in central banks, central planning of the economy, in the godhead of Man. The LIberal sees nothing but unremitting toil by self-styled experts because they cannot conceive that things actually can work themselves out. Or, to use a climatological analogy, that there are negative and positive feedback loops that will fix the economy (and the rest of civilization) if allowed to proceed unhindered. Sadly, we are ready to try everything except leaving things alone. Franklin Roosevelt made the same mistake - and the Depression dragged on through his entire Presidency. It's sad to see NRO succumb to the Progressive worldview. Many thanks to George Rasley, Jeff Rendall, and Mark Fitzgibbons for their kindness and support at Conservative HQ; they are a class act!

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