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Monday, July 16, 2012

New American Thinker Piece and some Global Warming Notes

Timothy Birdnow I have a new piece at American Thinker this morning arguing that the current North American heat wave is caused by global cooling. Check it out. In a related article Joseph Bast, president of the Heartland Institute, has a terrific piece chronicling a report by the Interacademy Council, a group created to provide the IPCC and other international bodies with advice on improving their actual science. It seems the IAC has racked the IPCC over the coals for extraordinarily shoddy work on a continuing basis - yet the mainstream media and academics have not reported this damning report. Check it out here. This was and is junk science of the most onerous sort. The IPCC's purpose was entirely political, and always has been, and anyone who puts their faith in anything comoing out of any organization in league with the U.N. is worse than a fool. One final thought: Penn State has been pilloried for a culture of corruption in the Jerry Sandusky case, with it being fairly obvious the University was fully aware that Sandusky was raping young boys but they covered it up. Will they now be forced to fire Michael Mann, the lying climate scientist who has given us the fake hockey stick? He is sodomizing us just as badly as Sandusky, if only in an intellectual capacity. The culture of corruption at the university is clearly not limited to the athletic department.

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