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Monday, August 27, 2012

A False Flag Plot

Timothy Birdnow One of the cornerstones of the Obama power grab has been the definition of political enemies as terrorists. They tried it with the Missouri fusion center report, with the Department of Homeland Security report, and have tried to re-inforce this numerous times, claiming the attack on Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was an act of domestic terrorism spawned by Tea Party "hate speech". The Southern Poverty Law Center has been particularly vociferous in its charges against "right wing hate groups" and attacks on the Tea Party and lovers of liberty - such as Ron Paul supporters, returning vets, pro-lifers, etc. have become standard fare among Democrats. There is method behind this madness; it's intended to create a paradigm from which certain issues can be framed and which can justify certain actions against American citizens. The TSA's disgraceful behavior is but one example justified by the "domestic terrorist" shibboleth. Another is the purchasing of tens of thousands of rounds of hollow point bullets by groups like NOAA and the Social Security Administration. The Department of Homeland Security has pursued this posthaste and there has been a concerted effort to claim the attack on a Sikh temple in Wisconsin was Tea Party related. (In point of fact the guilty party had been in psyops for the U.S. military years before - suggesting he may be working covertly with the government. There was no shred of evidence he had any relations to the Tea Party.) With the general elections to be held in just a couple of months and with Mr. Obama running neck-in-neck (which, given the abyssmal economy and general malaise of the times really means Mr. Obama is in real trouble) there is need for a game-changer. That game changer must have certain things that it can accomplish; it must impugn the President's political enemies, give the President grounds for strongarm actions against those who oppose him, and perhaps even justify suspending the election - something that a growing number of reasonable people fear Mr. Obama may well try. Here it is. According to government officials a cabal U.S. soldiers planned to assassinate Barack Obama and overthrow the government of the United States. The comically named group (called Forever Enduring Always Faithful or FEAR) planned to take over Fort Steward, bomb a dam, and assassinate the President. It appears that a sargent was one of the leaders. According to the article: "•Aguigui reportedly funded the militia using $500,000 in insurance and benefit payments from the death of his pregnant wife a year ago. Aguigui was not charged in his wife's death, but the prosecutor told the judge her death was "highly suspicious." •In addition to using the money to buy $87,000 worth of semiautomatic assault rifles, other guns, and bomb components, he also used the insurance payments to buy land for his militia group in Washington state, said the prosecutor." End excerpt. How insidious! He actually used insurance money to buy guns and land! But what does this have to do with the "Domestic Terrorist" business, and how is it intended to empower Obama and his supporters? The article had this to say: "•Aguigui called himself "the nicest cold-blooded murderer you will ever meet." And also a former Republican? Gawker reports that Aguigui appears to have attended the 2008 Republican National Convention as a page. •Militia members wore distinctive tattoos that resemble an anarchy symbol." End excerpt. See, Aguigui was a Republican! Proof postive that the Southern Poverty Law Center and the DHS memo were correct all along! But what of the anarchy symbols? Anarchy is not generally associated with conservatives, Tea Partiers, or any of the alleged evil radical right. Anarchy is generally associated with the socialists, who believe they must destroy the corrupt and depraved society by violence to usher in a new age, a socialist utopia. It is the Occupy Crowd that advocates anarchy, not the Tea Party, not Pro-Lifers, not Ron Paul people. But this could be used much as the Nazis used the Reichstag fire to justify the creation of the Third Reich, and one must wonder if there really was such a cabal as FEAR at all, or was this a black op, the creation of a bogus terrorist group by order of the Commander in Chief. This has such drama; a right-wing extremist attempt to murder our brave and noble President shortly before the elections (why didn't they just wait to see what happened in November?) This can stoke sympathy for the President, justify a crackdown on the Tea Party, perhaps even justify suspending elections or suspending the transition of power. Interestingly enough, this very actions was predicted. According to Doug Hagmann: "According to this insider, the Trayvon Martin case is just the tip of the iceberg. “You certainly don’t have to be a genius to understand how Obama and his team played the public on this issue, and it’s far from over. But that’s not the sole element of what we’ll see this summer.” “Remember the shots fired at the White House not too long ago?” asked my source. There was an element of outrage that was squandered, according to ‘team Obama.’ In fact, Obama and some of his closest advisors, especially [Valerie] Jarrett were incredibly angered that the outrage was seemingly tempered. It should have been an opportunity to use our force against the Tea Parties, the gun clingers, the Constitutionalists, and everyone who has complained about Obama. DHS should have stepped in right then, and used that event to start the clampdown,” this source stated about White House comments. This source stated that from that point on, the DHS must become more responsive and aggressive. Watch for a false flag event against Obama or his family, something that will outrage ‘black America.’ It will be carefully choreographed, but executed in a manner that will evoke the ugliest of reactions and create racial chaos in this country that will make the Watts riots, 1968 and the Rodney King riots pale in comparison. That’s the third leg in this.” End excerpt. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. We are going to see more of this as the election draws near, and probably something quite shocking will emerge. Don't believe any of this; it's theater, a plot indeed, but not one by "right wing nutjobs" but rather by the very people who will then step in to "save America". If these soldiers can be used to justify tightening the screws they will be. Doubtless this is something that will loom quite large in days to come. Strange how this story broke when the Republicans were holding their convention... The Republic faces dangers like never before in its history. The checks and balances no longer work, because for too long timid men cowered in the face of the tyrants. Republicans want nothing more than to bend their knees to keep what power they have, and the Courts were long ago overrun by liberal ideologues. There is nothing standing in the way of tyranny but the American citizens. This is aimed at stopping the ones who get it - and who will resist. It's been the Obama Administration plan all along. "

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