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Saturday, August 18, 2012

When Guns are Confiscated only Social Security Clerks will have Guns

Timothy Birdnow The Social Security Administration is purchasing 174,000 hollow point bullets. The ostensible reason given by the SSA is the police powers of special agents (how many gun battles are they planning to have that they need so many bullets?) and the need to protect clients at SSA offices. Hmm. Haven't liberals been telling us that guns are the problem, and that we need restrictions on guns to keep people safe? Isn't giving such weapons to a bunch of file clerks and bureaucrats dangerous? We know postal workers go bonkers and shoot up post offices; why are we arming caseworkers and pencil pushers at the now overworked SSA? And hollow point bullets are designed to cause maximum damage by expanding after they hit someone. Do special agents want to KILL those social security cheats? It seems to me that somebody at SSA wants the power to compel, to threaten, much more than the power to protect. Hollow point bullets are banned by the Hague convention for use in warfare, and the state of New Jersey bans private individuals from possessing them. But we'll gladly give them to Social Security administrators! This order speaks volumes about the darker intentions of some in our government. Barack Obama called for an internal police run by the Feds and arming the Social Security Administration sure smells like the creation of his private military by backdoor channels. Why would they need so many bullets? The only reason I see for ordering so many is that it is planned to be able better armed than the citizenry should something happen, something like the declaration of martial law. And that is not an impossibility; Obama signed an executive order giving himself the authority to declare martial law during peacetime. And don't forget the FEMA camps; the Administration made plans to establish internment camps ostensibly to protect Americans. Taken separately these incidents would not be much cause for concern, but together they are disturbing. If trouble should erupt, who will end up with those hollow point bullets? I suspect many of them will fall into the hands of SEIU workers, Mr. Obama's staunchest allies. This may be paranoid delusion, and the order may in fact be to carry out the mission of the SSA, but a free nation does not need to arm such people. If the SSA requires protection they should utilize the civilian police like everyone else. If they need to enforce the law then they should be able to ask for help from the F.B.I. or other agencies dedicated to enforcing the law. There is no reason for an agency dedicated to redistributing wealth to possess a private army. That was exactly what ivan the Terrible's Oprichnina was; the Oprichniki were his private terrorist army, and he used them to control Russia. This appears to me to be more of the same. If nothing else it is an enormous waste of taxpayer money. When guns are taken away from the citizens only the criminals - or the Social Security Clerks - will have guns. I'd rather take my chances with the criminals.

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