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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cowardice and the Ashbin of History

Timothy Birdnow

Another Boehner boner.

Looks like "super committee" member Rep. Dave Camp is willing to raise taxes.

According to the Reuters article:

"I don't want to rule anything in or out," Camp said. "I am willing to discuss all issues that might help us reduce our short and long-term debt and grow our economy," Camp said.

"Everything is on the table, until we as a group rule it out," he said. The economy and jobs are priorities, he added.

End excerpt.

I wonder if this sufferer from numbsculliosis understands that a tax increase will damage the economy and kill job growth? Maybe, in which case I take back my invective. But I suspect this is his way of starting out on a comitous foot, to agree to being good buddies and playing nice.

The problem is, playing nice with Democrats is like playing nice with scorpions or Black Momba snakes; it just isn't smart. You wouldn't give a baby a scorpion to a baby in a crib, yet our benighted heroes in the Grand Old Party are ever eager to do precisely that - and they always express surprise when they get stung.

Political hatchet men like Kerry and Baucus guarantee a knife in the back for the Tea Party, yet fools like Camp are willing to climb into bed with them.

That should have been the message of the last election; people are tired of dancing with the devil. The media and political consultants keep pushing this erroneous notion that Americans want us to "work together" meaning Republicans must surrender, and the political classes inside the Beltway buy this excreta. People want us to work together in actually solving the problems, not work together for the sake of working together. That means that those who are part of the problem need to be dealt with as part of the problem, not worked with just for the sake of compromise. What is sought is LEADERSHIP, not me-tooism. People want Obama to be confronted. They want the big spenders in Congress to be confronted. They want them to be fought, defeated, and marginalized. But when polls are taken the questions are worded in such a way as to suggest the public wants an end to partisan squabbling, so these fools in the GOP try to tailor their actions to please what they perceive as the public desire. That is misleading, and the Democrats know full well that is so. But our side wants to be liked, to be part of the fun of being in power. They do not want to do the hard things. So they are happy to believe these consultants who tell them to compromise.

Are there no men in Washington? We seem stuck with a gaggle of juveniles worried about their popularity ranking on Facebook.

If this supercommittee does what it looks like it will do (what these exercises in political onanism inevitably produce) the Tea Party people will be enticed to move to a third party. That is exactly what the Democrats want to see happen. For some inexplicable reason the GOP cannot see this. People want real, concrete action. The government shutdown battle back in January illustrated the cowardise of the GOP, and this stupid agreement is setting the stage for a full display of total frontal nudity, a shaming of Republicans for fools. Obama, Reid, and Pelosi are doubtlessly sniggering in their private chambers at the naivete' of their opponents.

The coward dies a thousand deaths, and the brave man only once. It is a terrible thing to witness; our political champions die and die again, unable to break the cycle. If they would just grow some spine.

And our nation dies with the cowards of the GOP. We are not so much witnessing a nation falling as dying from timidity. We fear restraining the forces that seek our destruction. We fear just saying no.

Cowardise, like stupidity, carries the death penalty. The GOP - and America itself - is well on it's way to the ashbin of history.

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