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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Obama's Creepy Agency Creep

Dana Mathewson

Brother-in-law David Dickinson sent me this excellent American Thinker article. It seems that our illustrious president is, for whatever reason, modifying the missions of a number of federal agencies. You've all heard that NASA's new mission is to provide "outreach" to the Muslim world -- and not, one gathers, with the idea of sending it into space, where it will no longer cause problems for the West.

FTA: "Totalitarians have a history of recasting representative governments into reflections of their own personal madness. Whether in the case of Communists, Fascists, or modern liberals, day-to-day government is retooled into an incarnation of their dear leader's obsessions and justified by a vain and unsupportable assertion of higher intelligence.

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