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Saturday, October 08, 2011

A Blood Kurd-eling Situation

Timothy Birdnow

The War on Terror we call it. We invaded Afghanistan and Iraq to prevent those places from acting as platforms for terrorist strikes, yet, if Pravda is to be believed, Iraq has become a haven for terrorist attacks.

Not in the way we think; it appears that Kurdish terrorists are using Iraq as a base to attack TURKEY!

According to a report in Pravda:

"In August, PKK gunmen attacked a Turkish army convoy in the south, killing at least eight Turkish soldiers. Since that time, Turkey began active operations in the Air Force and ground forces against the extremists. On August 23 the world's media reprinted the information on the elimination of 100 Kurdish rebels sent by the Turkish military. The strikes were mainly conducted by the Air Force that destroyed several strongholds of the PKK.

On September 13 an official statement was made by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Turkey Irsisa Naim Shekhinah about the impending invasion of ground troops into northern Iraq to eliminate Kurdish rebels. According to him, the action must be coordinated with the government of neighboring Iraq.
In August and September a total of 58 flights have been conducted by the Air Force that destroyed a number of command posts and arms and ammunition depots. At the same time there was fire by the artillery stationed along the Iraqi border on previously identified targets. In late September, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan reiterated the resolve of the country leadership to conduct a military operation to destroy PKK bases.

Kurdish rebels, however, continued to actively carry out attacks on Turkish troops. On September 24 only three times they were able to attack various military targets. According to Associated Press, the most violent confrontation took place near the town of Pervari located in south-eastern Turkey. Before attacking, the extremists have installed mines to hinder the approach of the army reinforcements."

End excerpt.

The BBC verifies that the Turks launched reprisal airstrikes in Norther Iraq back in August. and the Huffington Post has a story about Kurdish attacks on Turkish soldiers.

Kurdish nationalism could lead to war in the region, and the Turks will not stand idle. Just one more potentially explosive situation that could lead to all out war in the Middle East.

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