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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Komen Caves to Coercion

Timothy Birdnow

The Susan G. Komen Foundation caves to pro-abort pressure and restores funding to Planned Parenthood.

From the article by Elizabeth Scalia at The Anchoress:

"Understand what has happened, here. Komen did not break the news that they were defunding; Planned Parenthood — the “unpolitical” operation — leaked the news in order to sic their buddies in the senate and in the media on Komen. The assault was readied and rolled out, and damn near rabid — all out of proportion to what it should mean for one charity to decline to give $700,000 to another charity worth a billion! The message was clear: get back in line, or we will destroy you; we will bring the full power of the elite media and the government against you.

And so, like a good but weak soldier, Komen has essentially destroyed itself: hardline leftists will never forgive it; hardline rightists will never trust it. But feel a little sorry for Komen. They were trying to do the better thing, and they got mauled for it. They’re not cowards, they just weren’t strong. Not everyone can face the lions, especially if they’re being pounced on in their first steps.

In this, however, Komen has helped put panache on institutional bullying; it’s demonstrated that the one-two punch of the press and a mere calling out from DC is enough to buckle the knees. The press and the Democrats have made an example of Komen — with Komen’s permission: this is what we will do to you, if you dare step out of line."

End excerpt.

This is community organizing 101. It's a not-so-subtle threat to anyone who may take action against Planned Parenthood or any other Leftist sacred cow. Given the unhappiness among the general public with the entire liberal establishment, and given the rise of the Tea Party, our liberal friends realize they are in trouble. They know that defunding of many of their most loyal and effective non-governmental organizations is likely to come in the next election cycle, and they can't have anyone jump ship now, so they are going to use Brownshirt tactics.

Win, lose, or draw, expect the Left to ramp this sort of confrontational intimidation up in the coming year.

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