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Friday, March 09, 2012

Latest on Zippy's fraudulent documents

Dana Mathewson

Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio has been digging into the "birth certificate" and "draft card" presented by Barack Obama in response to public demand for proof of his eligibility for the office he now holds. I use quotes around these items because, as we have heard for some time and as Sheriff Arpaio proves, the documents presented by the president are fraudulent. Videos exist of the sheriff's public presentation proving such.

What I have here is an in-depth article, such as one would have a difficult time finding on an American publication, from a place that will surprise you: none other than Pravda! Before you laugh your head off, or dismiss it out of hand, I highly recommend you read it, for it is worth your time. Suffice to say, the Obama people will not like it!

Note that Sheriff Arpaio's videos are linked in the article.

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