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Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Real Agenda of Green Technology

Timothy Birdnow

This from the Federalist Patriot:

"On the surface, Barack Obama's idea of spending $1 billion for a National Network for Manufacturing Innovation (NNMI) sounds plausible, but the details tell the real story. To kick things off, the president will bypass Congress and immediately spend $45 million -- originally intended for the departments of Defense and Commerce and others -- on a "pilot institute" on innovation with the exact location yet to be determined. We suspect the location could depend on the need to pick up a swing state's electoral votes.

Of course, the push will be for manufacturing that focuses on "green" technology, so industries that don't create politically correct widgets need not apply. After being burned by continuing scandals such as the Department of Energy's subsidies to Solyndra and at least 19 other politically correct companies, as well as the fallout from a $10 million award to Philips Corporation for making an "affordable" $50 LED light bulb to replace the 79-cent incandescent variety, it appears the government will use the NNMI as a handy scapegoat for more failures certain to come.

Critics point out that it's another case of government interference in the market, but as Pam Villarreal, a senior fellow with the National Center for Policy Analysis, noted, "I'm a little bit confused that he hasn't renewed the research and development tax credit [in the FY2013 budget]. ... Why have a new initiative when you haven't extended the existing ones you have?" The answer is quite simple: The administration can't control who qualifies for the tax credit, but they get to pick the sites where NNMI will locate and who qualifies. Call it another innovation in command and control economics."

End excerpt.

It's not just who gets the site for the NNMI; it will absolutely end up in some Union-shop state Obama needs to pick up. What the real reason for Obama's not extending the tax credit is that this isn't supposed to accomplish one damn thing. People are gravely in error if they believe that Obama and the other left-wingers want innovation. They SAY they want innovation, and that they must repress existing technology to artificially foster it, but the reality is they simply want to repress existing technology. They cannot afford innovation any more than they can afford an alternative media; both lead to a public that has slipped it's rope and gotten out of the barn. Obama's people want a world they can control, a world where they can build their socialist utopia, and that simply won't happen if people are free. To this bunch, people are like cattle and must be herded. Technology can be an aid to them in this challenge, but if the public has technology, has the ability to move and to disseminate information, to communicate and the weaponry to fight back, their dreams of power will never come to fruition. This bunch must remove these abilities from the public at large while holding onto it for themselves.

So the key is to find ways to ban current technology, to deindustrialize America, and to do that they must offer a red herring, a promise of new technology that will replace the current system. If anything useful should come of this they will make sure it is tightly under their own green thumbs. It cannot be used to aid in making anyone independent.

That's not to say that many of the Environmentalists don't THINK "green tech" is for the People; many have been duped into believing this is the key to become independent from the "military-industrial complex", from the big banks, the big oil companies, etc. They've been tricked into believing that those are the real enemies who seek to enslave the populace. But the truth is that the bogeymen they fear are actually part of the New World Order that their champions and leaders are creating. It's the George Soroses of this world who promote the Progressive agenda the most enthusiastically. Big government and big corporations work hand-in-glove to create the socialist dystopia. It's what is meant by Fascist Economics.

We see Fascist Economics throughout the world - in Russia, in China, in Europe, and here in America. G.E., Goldman Sachs, Google, etc. have all supported Obama and every left-wing cause. Why? Because they want a crony-capitalist state, a socialism in which private corporations rule. What difference is there between a government-run socialist entity and a corporate run one? The Nazis used government to direct privately owned businesses, but those businesses remained in corporate hands, and it was the industrialists who backed Hitler's rise to power; got rid of the competition. The same holds true here. And a great many of the uber-wealthy are committed socialists because of their education and social pressure. One need but look at the history of socialism to see that it was, is, and always will be a movement of the upper class. The poor will accept it because they think it will give them an easier life, but they aren't the champions of socialism. It's the rich guys disease.

And every corporation, every uber-rich man, every corporate tycoon, dreams of being the sole provider for goods or services. This pesky business of fending off competitors costs the tycoon profit, peace, and not just a little sleep. How much better if all were consolidated under one umbrella, provided that umbrella was under the tycoon's control?

That's why corporate CEO's often slip into government and back to the private sector so easily. The two are hardly mutually exclusive.

And THAT, my friends, is the reason why green tech is so important to these guys; it is a tool to force poverty, to force dependency. They want the public to have to do with less, to have to go where they are told, eat what they are told, buy what they are told, and live how they are told. Prisons rarely have rebellions that are effective, although the prisoners can cause a great deal of trouble when out in the general public. Why? Because they are mobile, and can get away. They have resources to draw on. They can obtain weapons, meet and plan. There is a reason they are shackled and confined. That is how the State controls them. That is what the utopian Progressives want for us.

And to do that they must kill the means to travel, to communicate, to live outside of their beneficience. Control the food supply, the water supply, the medical care. Control the energy; make the enemies of your rule dependent on government for warmth in winter. Restrict their ability to move about. Control their means of communicating and organizing. Government eavesdropping on cell phones, monitoring of internet use, etc. Squeeze Mankind into tiny little boxes and they will be powerless to escape.

People like Obama may not think in those words, but they intuitively understand the necessity to do this to build their Brave New World. They see themselves as public benefactors. So did Hitler. So did Stalin. So did Mao.

So we shouldn't make the mistake of believing that Green Energy is a goal that these people actually seek. It's a tool, a red herring designed to trick the public into climbing into their cages. Don't be fooled!

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