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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Welcome to the Thousand Year Reich

Timothy Birdnow

"Blood and Soil" they called it. The shaping of the Volk by the natural environment via Darwinian evolution was at the heart of Nazi thinking. The German People were what they were because they were shaped by the dark forests and clear streams, the mountains and trees of the German countryside, and without the pristine German naturescape the Volk would be very different - or so the thinking went prior to the rise of National Socialism in Germany.

And it was this nature worship that was responsible - at least in part - for the Holocaust; Jews were seen as an "invasive species", an unnatural species that clustered in dirty urban hives and blighted the pristine landscape. They were, the thinking went, twisting the German character out of shape. The Nazis saw their elimination as little more than pulling weeds, or spraying to eliminate some destructive moth.
Read more about the Nazi's Green agenda here

So, Environmentalism and Eugenics have always intersected.

Which is what makes this so interesting.

Bear in mind, John Holdren, Obama's science tsar, was present at the Endangered Atmospheres Conference - where global warming had it's genesis. Holdren was thick with Paul "population bomb" Ehrlich, noted Malthusian alarmist. And restricting population growth has been at the forefront of the Green agenda whether anyone was willing to admit it or not.

From the article:

"During a discussion series on Monday at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, D.C., speaker and activist Kavita Ramdas argued that contraceptives should be part of a strategy to save the planet, calling lower birth rates a “common sense” part of a climate-change reduction strategy.

“It is common sense that when women are able to plan their pregnancies, populations grow more slowly and as a result so do greenhouse gas emissions,” she explained. “Providing access to contraception and preventative health should be one of the many effective strategies used to fight climate change."

End excerpt.

But Western birthrates are already below replacement levels, and yet the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is rising. The emphasis should be on the Third World - particularly India and China - and it should be on developing more capitalism, because command economies are notoriously dirty. But we will see none of this; the whole point of Global Warming is to redistribute wealth and reduce the power of the West, indeed, to dismantle the West.

And it's working beautifully.

That is if you believe that industrial emissions are the sole cause of rising carbon dioxide levels. Remember, atmospheric carbon dioxide levels rise about 800 years aftera warming period, and our last big warming period ended about 800 years ago. We may have little to do with the current increase in CO2. And that CO2 may have little to do with 20th century warming - which appears to have stopped some time around 1995.

But a falling population is guaranteed to cause some major problems. Every nation has a social safety net, and throughout the West this is predicated on more young people than beneficiaries. Declining populations mean what we are currently seeing, economic decline and bankruptcy as fewer workers support greater numbers of people. Declining tax bases mean higher deficits. Western economies have been giant pyramid schemes, and now the bottom is falling out thanks to declining birthrates.

This means economic collapse is coming. Economic collapse will lead to a return to coal and other very dirty technologies. Our Green dreams are dying from their own phlegm.

Ultimately, this is exactly what the Gang Green want. They are watermelons; green on the outside and red in the middle, and they think this collapse will give them the worldwide revolution. World government and an economy organized around socialist principles is their end goal. They think this collapse will give this to them.

And eugenics will return like the Phoenix rising from it's own ashes. They will be able to shape the physical, social, psychological, and spiritual nature of Humanity. They will be the Ubermensch, the self-willed supermen that Nietzche daydreamed. They will be as gods.

But first the concept of unlimited contraception must be established, and that is at the heart of the current blistering campaign in American politics. A right to free contraception means a right of government to regulate sexual activity and reproduction. This is the first step.

Welcome to the Thousand Year Reich!

(Hat tip to Ron De Haan.)

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