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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Climatological Caligulas

Timothy Birdnow

One word "Aargh!"

One question; where is all this supposed heat? If Hansen was right back then, why can't we find the heat? We've looked everywhere; in the sock drawer, behind the couch, etc. yet the heat isn't there.

To make sense to those who didn't want to follow the link, this Physorg piece makes the following claim:

"1A paper published in the journal Science in August 1981 made several projections regarding future climate change and anthropogenic global warming based on manmade CO2 emissions. As it turns out, the authors’ projections have proven to be rather accurate — and their future is now our present."

And the "projections?

"Now here we are in 2012, looking down the barrel of the global warming gun Hansen and team had reported was there 31 years earlier. In fact, we’ve already seen most of the predicted effects take place.

“Drought-prone regions” are receiving less rainfall, the Antarctic ice has begun to crack and crumble and bowhead whales are using the Northwest Passage as a polar short-cut."

End excerpt.

Again, aargh!

What exactly are "drought-prone regions? Regions that have drought, no doubt, which means they are by definition receiving less rainfall. And there has been no unusual cracking and crumbling of the Antarctic ice shelf, except that driven by MORE ICE. The Antarctic ice pack is up, thanks to Global Warming, and ice collapsing from the shelves are falling off as a woman breaks a fingernail that has grown too long; compression at the source is driving more ice into the water. And even the most obtuse climatologists understand full well that a. the Northewest passage has been open on occasion frequently through history (that's why it's a passage) and was as late as the 1920's, a period before industrial emissions built up in the atmosphere. Oh, and the Arctic Oscillation accounts for the weak ice pack in the Arctic, and the AO is entirely a natural phonomenon.

But none of that matters to these zealots. What Hansen did was make predictions anyone could make, like a telephone psychic, and hope that some of them stick. Hansen realized that, coming off a cold period in the 1970's, that the Earth was likely to undergo a period of warming - perhaps a generation's worth. It was a pretty easy bet.

The aspect of this that is most annoying is that the media reports this breathlessly as if it is somehow "proof" that humans are causing global warming. Nobody denies the Earth warmed in the 20th century and especially in the late part of the century. But the cause of that warming is in dispute, and none of these predictions by Hansen are unique to a warming caused by industrial emissions. Yet here a site dedicated to science reporting asks no questions, makes no challenges, simply accepts the claims that somehow Hansen has been vindicated by the historical record.

Again, I ask; where is the missing heat? Planetary temperatures have not risen since 1995, and that according to Phil Jones of CRU, a notorious AGW alarmist. There is no heat buildup in the tropical troposphere, as predicted by AGW theory. There is no statistically significant worldwide increase in precipitation, something absolutely necessary to AGW theory (it's the water vapor increase that supposedly drives the positive feedback mechanism, increasing planetary temperature.)

The rate of sea level rise has not increased. Kiribati is not sinking. While it was unusually warm in North America this year, it was unusually cold elsewhere. Birdblog contributer Daren Jonescu reports one of the coldest winters he's encountered in Korea, for instance.

Global warming is not supposed to pause. Global warming is not supposed to hide. Claiming the missing heat is hiding at the bottom of the oceans is the ultimate cop=out, with no mechanism for heat to move downward. Any fool knows that heat rises, rather than falls.

This has become farce masquerading as not even science. It is no longer good pseudoscience, but a melodrama, or rather what is sometimes called melerdrama around Missouri, the "Snidley Whiplash kidnaps Nell" type of ridiculous comdy.

And yet journals that purport to be respectable report this stupidity without blushing.

I ask; what kind of civilization produces such ridiculous nonsense and pretends to take it seriously? This reminds me of Caligula's conquest of Britain; he marched to the outskirts of Rome, captures some farmers, and returned within the hour to a triumphal procession, proclaiming himself the conqueror of Britain. And everyone cheered enthusiastically "all hail the conqueror of Britain".

Modern day America isn't far behind Caligula's Rome.

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