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Sunday, April 29, 2012

How Bad do you Want to Win, Mitt?

Jack Kemp forwards this commentary from Judson Phillips at Tea Party Nation:

Here is messaging for Mitt.  I hope he is taking notes.

First, Barack Obama is not a nice guy.   Quit saying that.  No anti-American Marxist is a nice guy.   You say he is a nice guy and he says you are an uptight jerk, born with a silver spoon in your mouth and you want to see Americans fired, starved and have all of their rights stripped away.


If you start with the premise that he is a nice guy, you lose.  The drive by media and Madison Avenue are working overtime to help Obama win the popularity contest.  You won’t.

But then again, you don’t need to.

This is not hard.  It only takes a little discipline and the willingness to fight.  Your big problem is that you have a serious case of “Member of the club syndrome.”

You treat Obama and the other Democrats as “members of the club.”  The club is of course, the governing class.   John McCain made that mistake, as did Bob Dole before him.   He will not show you the same courtesy so why do you?

This is Fight Club not Debate Club.  You have to be willing to throw some punches and take a few hits.  You may get a bloody nose and get some blood on your freshly laundered white shirt.

So what?  How badly do you want it?

This is simple.  Four words:  The Great Obama Depression.

If this is your message and you stay on it, people will vote their pocket books.  All you have to do is ask them, “Are you better off now, after almost 6 years of Democrat control of the Congress or were you better off when Republicans controlled government?  Are you better off now after four years of Obama or were you better off when the Republicans controlled the government.”

This is winning messaging.  It is simple.

This is messaging for Mitt.  The question for Mitt is, “Do you want to win?”

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