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Saturday, May 19, 2012

McCain to Reintroduce Campaign Finance Reform

Timothy Birdnow

John McCain is at it again. The Stockholm Syndrome Senator is going to partner with Democrats to subvert free speech yet again with a new campaign finance law.

McCain just doesn't get it; money is mother's milk to politics, and that stopping it's flow in one place will simply open a new spillway somewhere else. And it ultimately is a matter of freedom of speech - a Constitutional right. McCain would sacrifice that freedom, that fundamental right, to achieve some sort of "clean" politics.

But his last efforts made politics dirtier as third parties entered the fray to get around McCain-Feingold, and of course McCain compromised by allowing labor unions to be exempted last time. That's how it will happen again; the Democrats aren't going to hurt their own finances with this. The notion of cleaning up government with the help of Democrats is rather like expecting maid service from the principals of a hog ranch. He should know that.

McCain is a useful idiot. He loves the adulation and attention he gets from the mainstream media for being a "maverick" which means thumbing his own side in the eye, and so he is quick to partner with those who hate us. I suppose he believes he can "reset" relations as Obama believed he could reset U.S./Russian relations. I have yet to see any evidence of success for either enterprise.

McCain has Stockholm Syndrome. He is eager to please his captors, first in the Hanoi Hilton and now in Congress. He desperately wants the approval of the enemy. And he gets it as long as he is a good boy. Being a good boy means hurting his own side, something John McCain is more than willing to do.

If the GOP had not gotten on board with McCain's re-election last time we could have been rid of this chigger with false teeth. But too many feared losing the seat, and so we sent Grandpa Simpson back to the world's greatest deliberative body (you may resume reading after you stop chortling.) 

McCain embodies everything wrong with the RINO approach, the "get along" policy. The Democrats are the enemies of the American People and must be beaten, not befriended. Those who make friends with them will end up like the Gingerbread Man, who believed the fox was his buddy, too. But it won't just be mcCain to end up digesting in the belly of a duplicitous beast; we'll all end up as sugary snacks.

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