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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Obama Confuses Family History

Timothy Birdnow Barack Obama claims, and continues to claim, his uncle helped liberate the "Polish Death Camp" at Auschwitz.Interesting; who would have guessed he had a Russian uncle! I think Mr. Obama misunderstood the family story. I suspect it went something like this: Barack: "Uncle, did you see any action in the Second World War?" Uncle: "Barry, I fought in the War, the big one, the battle of the beer belly bulge." Barack: "Really! You were at the Bulge?" Uncle: "Only every day. My pants sizes grew and grew." Barack: "Oh, wow; you were in the War! Did you protest it or what?" Uncle: "No, son - I was, uh, "stationed" in Warsaw Illinois". Barack: "What did you see?" Uncle: "No, Warsaw!" Obama: "What did you saw?" Uncle: "I saw the liberation of a lot of brews." Obama: "A lot of Jews? Oh, you were at the liberation of one of those Polish Death Camps." Uncle: "No, I liberated plenty a Schlitz from the fridge." Obama: "Auschwitz?" Uncle: "Sorry I mentioned it." Sometime later Mr. Obama announces to the world: "My uncle liberated Auschwitz during WWII.

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