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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Boo Hoo from the Blue Fairie

Our favorite AAA battery charged intellect, Maureen Dowd, spends her latest column crying about how men don`t seem to want to get involved with firebrand feminists and testosterone injected female career types. I came across this and was going to comment on it at length, but Rush Limbaugh beat me to it on his show, so I shall endeavor to make just a few observations about the Blue Fairie and her hapless love life.

It seems our blue state gal is feeling a bit bluer than usual, and it`s all because she can`t find a fella who is willing to undergo surgery to remove his gonads. She rails against this fact, saying men are looking for mommies to take care of them. The Dowdy one just always seems to miss the point; nobody wants to marry their rival. Feminism has pushed the idea into these naive young ``ladies`` that they are to compete with men, that they are to scorn men, that they are to butt their way forward like goats to feed at the career trough. Any man who becomes involved romantically with a feminist like MoDo will either be engaged in a constant struggle of wills with his darling dearest, or will have to detach certain dangling body parts for his overlord. Neither option is particularly pleasant. Our poor sap will spend his life competing with his lover, and will be hated and reviled for it, or he will have to waive his tidy-whities in surrender and face the scorn and contempt which will be his. Feminists spend their days belittling and scorning men, then are surprised that men don`t care to keep company with them.

Here lies the terrible conundrum for our Blue friend; no woman would have any respect for a man who allows himself to be the doormat under her Blue State Shoes, while she will hate him if he refuses to knuckle under. Feminism has told these women to assert their ``rights`` and to be ``strong``. These are the exact opposite qualities necessary for a healthy and loving relationship. A giving spirit and a serving nature are key attributes in the success of any marriage or long-term commitment; and this applies to both woman and men. Real love, as opposed to lust or infatuation, means giving and serving, and forgiveness (feminists are notoriously short on forgiveness). There is no love without these.

These are concepts which go right over the heads of feminist career types. Maureen moans about men marrying their caregivers or service personnel. She complains that these men are looking for women to be, in essence, kind to them. She is completely without a clue; if she had a half a brain she would be looking for men to be kind to her. That she can`t find one suggests that the fault, dear Brutus, is not in her stars but in herself. Feminism has made her incapable of seeing the log in her own eye while she peers desperately into her red state brothers eyes for a speck.

Poor Maureen. She will never be happy. The more she looks for a red-blooded man, the bluer she becomes. The bluer she becomes, the angrier she becomes, which reinforces her jiffy half-baked worldview, which makes her more and more unhappy. She is trapped in an endless cycle of anger, despair, and loss. She, like so many other women, took a wrong turn down a cul-de-sac from which she cannot escape because she will be forced to reject the choices she made in her youth. Feminism has destroyed Maureen Dowd.



Blogger luc said...

Amen ;)

11:41 AM  
Blogger Fmg said...

Not only MDowd "is trapped" - most of what "is liberal" is as well. I have to [silently] chuckle when some person tries to convince me that his/her Ivy League school is very "liberal" and "openminded". Ha!

Of course, for the truth we need only go as far as the closest country music station:

1: I want a man that stands beside me
2: Not in front of or behind me
3: Give me two arms that want to hold me, not own me...

Isn't the 3rd lines exactly what she seeks?

This is Quinn's First Law
"Liberalism always generates the exact opposite of it's stated intent" (MP3)


12:24 PM  

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