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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Skating on Thin Ice

Why haven`t we heard more about this in the mainstream media? Hillary manages to offend just about every red state American with this load of buffalo chip dip (not that she had thick, pre-global warming ice to skate on). We need to keep these little slip-ups of hers in the public consciousness for her presidential run; if everyone really knew what she was all about she wouldn`t stand a snowmans chance in the post-global warming world of gaining any traction.

Senator Hillary Clinton Blasts Bush Administration over Abortion
NEW YORK, January 12, 2005 ( – Abortion crusader and New York Senator Hillary Clinton condemned US President George W. Bush Tuesday, claiming his withdrawal of funding from organizations that commit or promote abortions is harming women. Speaking at an International Women's Health Coalition-sponsored dinner, Clinton claimed that "reproductive health care and family planning service is a basic right," and said this was based on decisions reached at the 1994 U.N. Population Conference in Cairo, as well as the 1995 U.N. women's conference in Beijing, where Clinton gave a keynote address. She argued that the Bush administration has failed to uphold the so-called reproductive rights of women, by withdrawing funding from abortion-supporting organizations such as the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).Clinton also maintained that the President’s focus on abstinence in sex education was hampering efforts to halt the spread of HIV/AIDS, despite the UN’s own admission that condom failure rate for preventing HIV transmission may be as high as 20 percent. "ABC is a good strategy, but it has three parts to it and we need to remind the administration of that". The highly successful Ugandan ABC program first emphasizes abstinence, being faithful within marriage, and lastly, condom use, as measures to prevent the HIV transmission rate. Experts say the Ugandan success is comparable to a "highly effective vaccine." The last, least emphasized and least effective part of the Ugandan program, which involves condoms, is presumably the component that Clinton was referring to.The innocuous-sounding International Women's Health Coalition promotes abortion and contraception through funding programs in Africa, South and Central America. Their web site describes “. . . the world's most challenging health and rights issue” as “comprehensive sexuality education for adolescents and young adults.”IWHC also actively opposes the Bush administration policies that oppose the funding of abortion. “We have worked with other organizations and governments to defeat U.S. efforts at meetings in Asia and at the UN to remove ‘reproductive health’ and other key phrases from negotiating texts,” their web site states.

Does anyone doubt that this is the real Hillary?



Blogger MachiasPrivateer said...

Hi Tim,

I've been kinda busy on my own blog, but I'm getting achance to catch up on my reading. I see you agree with my "Memo To Maureen Dowd". Great minds think alike. Check out today's post on graduate students!

Keep up the good work. You have two fans, me & Aussie Girl! :-)

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