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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Darwinist Jihad to be Moved

PZ Myers` desperate attack on my American Thinker article The Case Against Darwin has destabilized my blog`s formatting. (There`s a challenge to you Darwinists; how come DNA`s ``program`` has grown better and more complex on it`s own while my computer programs require constant maintenance?) PZ uses a crazy margin scheme; long and narrow (much like his thinking and argumentation) which E-Blogger is unable to cope with. I am therefore going to delete the entire thing from Birdblog, and will instead link to a site especially created for the purpose-Darwin`s Inquisition.

For you, the members of Darwin`s Tabernacle Choir, who want to continue the attempt to browbeat your critics into silence, go there. Leave your comments on DI. (Wow! It just occured to me what reversing the initials of DI gets you! But you guys would NEVER call it by that name, would you?) I will no longer allow any off topic comments on any post here at Birdblog; if you want to huff and puff and fail to blow the house down, do it at DI. You are welcome to post comments at Birdblog which are pertinent to the topic I am writing about.

I was also forced to remove the post A Living and Dying Constitution for the same reason; I will post it back up (with the comments) if and when I am able to correct the problem-sorry Always On Watch and Anonymous.



Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Blogger Unknown said...

try reading books by people in the academic community who are respected rather than ridiculed by their peers

you are pretty funny tho, gud stuff :D

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