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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Adscam and the Great Northern Authoritarian

John Tabin has a piece in the American Spectator Online about Adscam, which is a scandal in Canada where the government hired a bunch of ad agencies who did little or no work and received very generous payments. What had John upset was the fact that the Canadian government banned bloggers from linking to Captain`s Quarters who reported the results of a commission investigation of the scandal. The Canadian government was threatening to prosecute anyone who linked to Captain`s Quarters, despite the fact that Canada has the right to freedom of Speech and the Press. John sent out a call for U.S. bloggers to help in the cause, and I`m more than happy to oblige!

Canada has become increasingly autocratic in recent years. Political Correctness has trumped basic freedoms with regularity in Canada. The Canadians are starting to rebel against this usurpation of their freedom, and the Canadian government is reacting as authoritarians do by ordering restrictions on constitutionally guaranteed rights. It`s good to see Canadian bloggers fighting back, and I am more than willing to help the cause!

Those of you from Canada, welcome! Together, we can fight for freedom both in Canada, and here!

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