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Monday, April 18, 2011

EPA Gagging Own Scientists

Timothy Birdnow

The EPA gagged one of their own to push through their agenda on carbon dioxide.

From the article:

"The NCEE was ready to cement the case for the Environmental Protection Agency's "endangerment finding," the official declaration that carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels poses a threat to human health and welfare. Thousands of government careers, academic contracts, and Big Green grants hung in the balance, and EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson needed to release it within days.

But senior research analyst Alan Carlin, Ph.D., a 38-year EPA veteran never known as an ideologue, submitted his unlikely critique that the agency's case was full of predetermined, politically mandated, cherry-picked scientific garbage.

Carlin criticized as many details as possible in the four days before the finding's release: EPA had relied on outdated research and ignored major new developments, including declines in global temperatures, projections that hurricanes won't get worse, and findings that ocean cycles best explain temperature fluctuations.

"I did the reasonable thing," said Carlin. "I applied the scientific method to every study used in EPA's technical support document," as you'd expect from a man with a physics degree from CalTech and a Ph.D. in economics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Alarmingly, he found more computerized guesswork and editing by advocates than observable results. Carlin urgently requested that his report be forwarded immediately to top decision makers.

The director refused. In an email to Carlin, he said, "The administrator and the administration has decided to move forward on endangerment, and your comments do not help the legal or policy case for this decision."

Imperiling his career, Carlin explained that he knew where his duty lay concerning scientific truth and the administration, and got these appalling replies: "I don't want you to spend any additional EPA time on climate change," and, "Do not have any direct communication with anyone outside of NCEE on endangerment. There should be no meetings, emails, written statements, phone calls etc."'

End excerpt.

So, there you have it; the government is lying to us about science. They are silencing honest voices. They are justifying a power grab.

This, of course, fits the template of this whole issue. Remember Weather Channel meteorologist Heidi Cullen calling for the decrediting of meteorologists who disagree with Global Warming theory? Remember the calls for Nuremberg style trials of "deniars" at Grist? This issue has been highly politicized all along - and open debate is not welcome.

Heads should roll at EPA, but with the current power-hungry President it is doubtful that so faithful a servant as Lisa Jackson and her cronies would be released, unless a choicer plumb could be picked for her.

This is disgraceful!

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