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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Playtime is Over

Timothy Birdnow

Even Politico - that internet arm of the mainstream media - sees that John Boehner has acted as Brutus to the Tea Party Caesar (a rather poor metaphor, since the Tea Party is trying to undo Caesar, but there you have it.)

According to the Politico story, Democrat Rep. Gerry Connolly said;

“He cannot deliver a majority, even though he has a comfortable majority over which he presides,” Connolly told POLITICO after the bill passed. “He has to reach out to Democrats. Secondly, it was to remind the White House that they cannot ignore the House Democrats. They can’t get this stuff passed. And thirdly, on a more noble plain, to remind everyone there is a bi-partisan coalition if we want to use it that can address fiscal and ecnoomoic issues in a responsible fashion. But they gotta work it.”

End excerpt.

So Boehner is crawling to Democrats to get HIS agenda to pass? I thought the Speaker was supposed to be listening to his caucus. He only holds that position because the Tea Party put him there, after all. But he's begging votes from the Democrats. And bootlicking has it's disadvantages.

The Politico story continues:

"He’ll also have to deal with the emboldened Democrats. On Thursday, a group of members in the minority party decided to make Boehner and Republicans sweat a little bit, holding back their “yes” votes until the end of the roll call vote. One quarter of House Republicans voted no, while 81 Democrats voted yes.

Rep. Gerry Connolly, a Democrat in his second term in a Northern Virginia swing seat, said it was “to remind Speaker Boehner that he doesn’t have 218 on his side.”

End excerpt.

Let me translate; the Democrats do not act without prior approval of their leadership. Nancy Pelosi rules her caucus with an iron fist, and if those Democrats foot-dragged it was because they were getting the go-ahead to cross the aisle. Why? IT WAS THE BEST DEAL THE DEMOCRATS COULD GET and they were trying to see if they could twist another concession out of the dense Speaker.

In politics, as in war, strength - and the appearance of strength - matters greatly. Boehner started the negotiations weak, and he showed no improvement. The Democrats now know him for what he is - a pushover. The actual cuts once accounting gimmicks are taken into account amount to about 350 million, yes that's million with an M, dollars.

John Boehner sold us out. There is little more to be said about it. He believed the buzz in Washington and the media that said Tea Partiers were ignorant hillbillies who could be easily fooled, and he thinks he hoodwinked us. We now know him for what he is; a political Judas, Benedict Arnold of the U.S. House. We will remember. Mr. Boehner, you are going to have call to shed those tears come the next election. We want you gone, and will work to remove you. You serve at OUR pleasure, not for the media, nor the Washington party circuit. Party time is over; time to pay the bill.

Here is the Hall of Shame:

If Boehner were a real leader he could turn this to advantage; come out and admit he was hornswaggled, and blame the Democrats for lying (I know; it was HIS budget, but that wouldn't have stopped Pelosi). He should demand that the debt ceiling remain where it is in response. He could use this Democratic duplicity to lay the groundwork for the 2012 budget battle. But he won't.

No, because, as I have said before, money is to politicians what water is to fish - their natural habitat. We should change the name of Washington to Awashington; that place is awash in cash, and it is the key to power to all who go there. We should have a sign over the entryway to D.C. "Abandon all hope of integrity, ye who enter here" in imitation of Dante'. A man like Boehner may talk a good game, but in the end he is reducing his own power if he cuts government spending. It's like giving a fish a bucket and expecting it to bail water out of the tank.

It is an unfortunate byproduct of democracy that scoundrels end in high places. Of course, they end in high places in all other forms of government, too. Too bad there is not an integrity meter that can detect when a person is righteous or caddish. Of course, the results may not matter; the public knowingly re-elected Bill Clinton...

We need to begin the rebellion against Boehner. If Boehner is to ever serve our purposed - and those purposes are to make the United States survive beyond 2037 - then he must at least be chastised bitterly for his actions. He needs to fear us more than he fears the disapproval of the beautiful people he so wants to ingratiate himself with. If he can be removed, all the better; a fair-weather friend is no friend at all, and we would be better off to have people who actually believe in our cause. But if Boehner is not removable he must FEAR us, and the only way for him to fear us is to make his political fortunes most tenuous. That is what politicians fear most. He needs to know he is in the crosshairs of the efforts, the fortunes, and the sacred honor of the mainstream of America. We should be looking to find a primary opponent to run against Mr. Boehner. We should be looking to find a true conservative to challenge Boehner for the Speakership. We need to do this now, not wait until next year.

And woe unto any who stood with him. There has to be a price for selling us out.

Remember, this is about something far larger than the old political wrangling that has plagued our political process. Americans have traditionally either enjoyed the ridiculous posturing as one enjoys Jerry Springer or professional wrestling, or have scowled at it as a collection of children acting juvenile. We cannot afford the luxury of these attitudes any more; the survival of our country is at stake, and there is every reason to believe that this nation could actually collapse. History is replete with examples of seemingly invincible nations falling into the dustbin of history, and we are no exception. If we believe ourselves to be, we are already doomed.

It's time for an adult govenment. Playtime is over.

And that means we can no longer afford people like Boehner, Cantor, Pelosi, etc. They have played a game, using our fortunes, our lives, and our sacred honor as toys to enjoy and enrich themselves. This must end, or we shall end. Any who continue to play the old game must be removed.

It's not about who wins and who loses. In the end, we all lose if this continues.

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