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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

No Soup for You!

Timothy Birdnow

The Soup Nazis are taking over our schools!

Regular readers know that I have argued that the elites are seeking to change and regulate the American diet, and that it is part of a long-term goal of fundamentally altering our culture. Well...

Seems as if our know-better nannies have banned students from bringing home-made lunches to school; eat what the cafeteria forces you to eat or go hungry!

Benito Mussolini coined the phrase "totalitarian" to mean a society that was intimately involved in all aspects of life. Can anyone disagree that this smells of totalitarianism? Who has the right to decide what a child eats - the parents or the state? That school administrators would so cavalierly disregard the rights of parents illustrates perfectly how they feel about themselves and the public; they are the elites, and parents are barbaric dufi, in need of their gentle yet inflexible guidance.

Schools are intended to provide a service, and as such should be viewed as providers, not as masters. That the government made education compulsory makes this view all the more necessary if we are to maintain a free society; a child can be compelled to attend school, but the parents should have the right to approve of what the child is taught and what the child eats. The Left wants schools to provide lunch for the same reason they oppose school vouchers; to get people used to the yoke around the neck. The precedent of public schools - something created by John Dewey, who was a radical and wanted to transform society through those schools - gave the elites the tools for overriding parental authority. This is just one more step in the process of nationalizing our people.

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