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Sunday, July 03, 2011

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Loser

Jack Kemp

The stories of how Strauss-Kahn was set free because the hotel maid "set him up" reek, in their factual details, of his poor judgement even though the maid was often engaged in prostitution at her place of work, according to the New York Post.

Yesterday it was revealed that a new maid doesn't just waltz into New York and get a job at a top location in Midtown Manhattan. Her good looks made her seem an alleged potential moneymaker for overseers in the sex trade allegedly who placed her at the Softel rather than a beginner's job at an airport motel, according to an earlier story in the Post.

And Sunday's New York Post offers an even more sordid speculation on Dominique Strauss-Kahn's poor judgement than the original. It hardly absolves him of wrongdoing or poor judgement. The New York Post states that
the maid saw him as a high roller client, entered him room with a passkey and proceeded to have oral sex on his...weiner. Apparently Mr. Strauss-Kahn then refused to pay her, perhaps thinking he was a rock star. He assumed, more or less, that an African Muslim woman half his age was so overcome with the sexual charms of a balding, gray haired 60ish European socialist that she was delighted to service him for free. Oh, brother. You couldn't make this up or sell it to a Hollywood studio. You'd be laughed out of the meeting.

The maid's attorney claims in today's Post that he also bruised her body with rough handling. If that is true, she has a basis for a civil suit and maybe even a criminal one. But New York will probably not enforce an implied contract for illicit sex left unpaid.

For a "Man of the World," Dominique Strauss-Kahn is/was incredibly naive. Did he really think that he would be seen as anything other than a colonialist oppressor and exploiter of a Third World woman in a country not known for liking the French? He apparently had no concept of who exactly had the most to lose if the maid pressed her case in a public forum against this "great seducer." Of course, she would have to lie about the details - and prostitutes have been known to do just that - especially when they don't get paid. For that alone, it was right that Strauss-Kahn lost his job at the International Monetary Fund. He doesn't handle "private" monetary or sexual transactions very well. Perhaps he is too used to organizations giving him complimentary personal sex services as part of any meeting or negotiations.

Il est un grand imbecile. Bien sur. He is a big fool/imbecile. Of course/For sure. Well, at least he didn't blame George Bush.

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