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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Dufus Removal and Elimination of Morons Act

Timothy Birdnow

A Democrat dream!

"( - Senate Democratic Whip Dick Durbin (Ill.) said in a congressional hearing Tuesday that a young person who is an illegal alien in the United States today may someday become president.

“When I look around this room, I see America's future, our doctors, our teachers, our nurses, our engineers, our scientists, our soldiers, our congressmen, our senators, and maybe our president,” Durbin said immediately after having asked all young persons in the room to stand if they were currently undocumented aliens who would be eligible to become citizens if the DREAM Act were passed."

End excerpt.

Welcome to the New World Order, a place where such annoying "reactionary" concepts as borders and sovereignty do not matter. Oh, and that pesky 18th century document that says what government can't do to us but not what it can do for us (to quote Obama), you know, the one Durbin the Turban swore to uphold, has no meaning outside of historical curiosity.

THESE are the people running our nation!

Perhaps we should go the other way, and make it illegal to be a moron and hold high public office. We could decimate the ranks of Congress, and remove this president with such an act. Call it the Dufus Removal and Elimination of Morons Act. It would certainly remove the esteemed Senator from Illinois...

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