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Friday, August 19, 2011

The New Misadventures of Christine O'Donnell

Jack Kemp

Christine O'Donnell has written an interesting book about her political career and has gotten herself invited on a slew of talk shows, many on Fox News, to discuss it. Unfortunately for her, the most recent invite by Piers Morgan of CNN resulted in O'Donnell walking off the set in a huff when Mr. Morgan asked her questions about gay marriage and masturbation. She claimed they weren't important, that she wasn't running for office, etc., but masturbation is a topic she has famously discussed before and gay marriage is definitely in the news.

What exactly did O'Donnell expect from going on CNN or any national forum? The book itself (I did a digital search of the eBook version) has references for "marriage" and "masturbation" but none for "gay" or "homosexual." However, Miss O'Donnell is showing herself - once agian - to be more of a media figure/celebrity than a skilled politician. By writing this book and making the cable tv rounds, O'Donnell is seeking to engage in discussion with hosts who may want to bring up other topics than her favorites. Frankly, her reaction to a supposedly off topic question was something like we have come to expect from Barack Obama at a staged Town Hall meeting. Her reaction was more fitting for a public relations staffer than a national figure.

In her 2010 Senate debate with Democrat Chris Coons, when he said there was a reference to the seperation of church and state in the First Amendment, O'Donnell coyly answered by asking a question ("That's in the First Amendment") rather than attacking Coons and saying he was confusing the letter to the Danbury Baptists with the First Amendment and not bothering to state the First Amendment bans a national religion and that many state constitutions had (and may nominally still have) a state religion. It was an opportunity to show a leftist lawyer his shortcomings, but she blew it. When Scott Brown was told about "Ted Kennedy's seat" in the Senate in a debate, he pounced on it as being "the people's seat" and the retort helped him make up his huge poll deficit and win his election campaign.

In her book, O'Donnell first topic mentioned is her "dabbling" in witchcraft with a dating partner on Bill Maher's show as being from another time, avoiding responsibility for acting like a sensation seeking celebrity rather than a potential leader in public life. She now takes a similar approach when refusing to defend her positions on teenage masturbation in her CNN interview, saying that was years ago and a different situation. This is how Miss Congeniality acts in a local beauty contest - or the college media major that O'Donnell was. The link has both this question and the gay marriage question, as well as O'Donnell's ending the interview prematurely.

After this walkoff from the CNN set, Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips takes her to task as a lightweight.

I cannot get a direct link to this free membership website (, but it is easy to join and the article is also copied in full below. I found an outside source at YouTube for the imbedded video accompanying his article (the gay marriage question and the walkout by O'Donnell) that I included as a link below as well.

Mr. Phillip's article:

Christine O'Donnell walks out

Posted by Judson Phillips on August 18, 2011 at 8:35am in Tea Party Nation Forum

If you have not seen this, former Tea Party candidate Christine O'Donnell walked off of the Piers Morgan show last night on CNN.

Here is the video

Honestly, I have never been impressed with Christine O'Donnell. She was certainly better than RINO Mike Castle and light years ahead of Socialist Chris Coons who ultimately won the election.

However, if you are going to play in the big leagues, you have to play by the rules. CNN and Piers Morgan are pretty far to the left but this time Morgan is right and O'Donnell was not only wrong, but extremely unprofessional to walk out of the interview.

She was on the show to talk about her book, which Morgan commented on favorably. O'Donnell refused to answer the question about gay marriage, saying it is in the book. If you write a book, be expected to answer questions about what you put in the book.

The liberal media is liberal. Period. But, if you go on the big networks, they will usually play by the rules. If you do not understand the rules, do not go on the shows.

I have been on both CNN and MSNBC. With the exception of Chris Matthews on MSNBC, the hosts follow the rules.

They will try get their point across but the rules are they ask the questions, but you get to answer them.

Piers Morgan was not asking anything inappropriate. Christine O'Donnell's immature and unprofessional response makes the Tea Party movement look bad. Was she ashamed of her position on gay marriage? Did she not feel competent enough to defend her beliefs? We will never know.

Conservatives everywhere should be able to articulate their political positions and the reasons behind them without throwing a temper tantrum when they are asked to defend them.

We may have just seen Christine O'Donnell's last prime time performance. I am sure she is a nice person but she does not understand what she has to do if she is going to be a national figure.

If she does not understand this, perhaps fading from the scene might not be a bad thing for her.

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