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Monday, August 15, 2011

Martian Warming

Timothy Birdnow

Ah, the hazy, lazy, and (when speaking of Al Gore and other hysterical climate Kleptomaniacs) crazy days of summer; somemthing in the summertime brings out the wackiest of the Gang Green, and this summer has been no different. Remember Al Gore's recent obscenity-filled temper tantrum? Poor Al complained that whenever he gave a talk on global warming the skeptics would show up with the "same old crap" i.e. asking Gore to explain that which contradicts his little money making theory. Yessir; I suppose those pesky carbon dating techniques and the talking points they buttress annoy many a young Earth creationist, too, but details, details...

At any rate, there are still plenty of people who are plenty hot under the collar over global warming, despite the failure of the theory. Where's the heat? I looked behind my couch, in the kitchen drawer, in my spare pants, and couldn't seem to turn it up. It isn't in the tropical troposphere. It isn't in the oceans. It doesn't seem to be anywhere, yet all of the models predict it should be there. It wasn't even in my dryer with my missing sock. There is no evidence for positive feedbacks. Negative, yes, but not positive. There is no statistical warming since 1995, and that from Phil Jones, head of the motley CRU at East Anglia and a dedicated Warmist (so dedicated he helped fudge temperature data). Nature just doesn't seem to be cooperating with the alarmists these days. And so they are angry.

And they should be; the planet Mars seems to be following the Earth in many ways.

(Hat tip; Tom Nelson

Mars is an embarassment to the warmists; in summer a huge mass of frozen CO2 evaporates into the atmosphere, raising air pressure considerable, yet the planet does not enter a warming spiral as predicted; negative feedbacks freeze much of the atmosphere and the planet returns to it's largely airless, frozen slumber. One need only look at Mars to understand that CO2 isn't the amazing wonder gas that the Gang Green claim it to be.

Mars has warmed 2* in the last twenty years, an amazing amount.

Given the Martian susceptibility to increased radiation (thin atmosphere, no radiation belt) it makes a solar explanation far more likely to explain the small half a degree rise in planetary temperatures on Earth.

But what would be the fun in that? Al Gore won't make any money off a natural explanation, and we cannot fundamentally restructure human civilization that way. Oh, pooh!

Actually, considering the lunacy of those running things these days, Mars is looking better all the time. Sure it's cold, but there would be no socialists there, no crony capitalists, no stuffed-shirt academics telling us how to live our lives. Maybe we should immigrate there, give the statists the slip?

It's why America was settled. Maybe it would be a good idea to try it again.

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