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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sorry for Light Blogging;

Timothy Birdnow

Sorry about the light blogging, folks; the personnell of this website seem to be beset on all sides!

First off, I was back in the hospital. On Monday I felt quite dizzy and had trouble breathing, so went back to the OR. Casual readers may not be aware, but I "enjoyed" a five day stay a scant week ago for heart failure, and when the same symptoms seemed to be returning...

Fortunately, it was a reaction to the medications they have been giving me - they think. My potassium levels were 7.4, which is sky-high. (Potassium is what is used in executions; a lethal dose stops the heart, although the levels are much higher than what I was experiencing.) Also, my kidney functions were too high and some other oddball stuff was happening - like sudden drops in blood pressure.

Fortunately I'm out now, although I fear it will be a while before I'm up to speed.

Also, my cat Elliot is in the hospital, and will have to have surgery to clear out stones from his bladder, remove a polyp, and open up his urinary tract which is badly scarred. Oh, and did I mention it's going to cost thousands of dollars?

My poor wife had to take care of him, get him to the animal hospital, and find a way to arrange financing for all of this. She did an amazing job looking after the both of us; she truly has a spine of iron.

That said, Dana Mathewson was acting as relief while I was out, and unfortunately Dana's wife has fallen quite ill and is hospitalized. I'll leave the details to him, but I would like to ask for prayers for her; she needs them.

So many thanks to Jack Kemp, our East Coast editor, for holding down the fort while I and Dana were gone.

It may be a bit hit-and-miss for the next few days; please be patient everyone.

While asking for prayers, perhaps a few should be said for some good friends of this site. Please pray for Steve Rankin, G.M. Roper, Craig Willms, and for a number of family and friends who are not well.

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