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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

And at the Congressional level

Jack Kemp

Red State's Daniel Horowitz's piece "Breaking the GOP Cycle of Capitulation" is well worth reading. Here is a sample below, "the money quote:"

While only 66 House Republicans voted against the Budget Out-of-Control Act, there are signs that many others are beginning to catch onto the cycle of capitulation. It was evident during the year-end fight over the payroll tax cut and unemployment insurance extension. Members who intuitively desired to do the right thing, yet were intimidated by the acerbic coercive tactics of leadership, are now willing to stand and fight this year. They realize that after a full year of the “Tea Party Congress,” we have not cut one cent from discretionary budget authority, even as mandatory entitlement spending continues to grow unchecked. They realize that we are not any closer to repealing Obamacare than we were in 2010.

This year, there will be numerous opportunities to fight statism; from blocking long-term unemployment and green energy tax credits to battles over surface transportation and the federal gasoline tax. By far, the most consequential battle will be fought over the FY 2013 budget, which will commence during the middle of April.

It’s not enough to merely introduce a virtuous budget resolution in April. If Republicans have no gumption to fight for some or most of the major provisions in the budget, all of Paul Ryan’s work will be worthless, as it turned out to be in 2011. The Republican Conference must unite behind two or three transformational reforms – or even one reform – in the budget resolution, and fight to the bitter end. Then, they must convey the message to Democrats that they will not budge, even as the clock ticks midnight on October 1.

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