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Sunday, January 15, 2012

The mutilation of the body, the mutilation of the mind

Timothy Birdnow

In regards to Jack Kemp's post about the madness of gender choice I would like to make the following observations:

Samuel R. Delany's 1976 novel "Trouble on Triton: An Ambiguous Heterotopia" deals with this topic in depth. The characters are inhabitants of Neptune's large moon Triton, living in a city with artificial gravity and a nuclear substitute for a sun.

The Tritonians believe that the body and mind are malleable, and they stretch them far beyond their elastic limits. They recognize no less than 9 sexes, and those sexes can be either straight or gay. The novel follows the life of Bron Helstrom, who is a disturbed individual, who finds life on his adopted world too much for him. In despair over lost love and confusion over the purpose of his existence, Bron undergoes a sex change halfway through the novel, and ends up even worse than before. His mental confusion and suffering increase as he cannot find his bearings in a world that has no concrete boundaries. Changing sex simply costs him his old friends, leaving him totally isolated in the end - in a society that is completely accepting of his choice.

This world is full of madness, with all manner of bizarre body modifications, and strange cults devoted to even stranger activities. One such cult parades the streets and chants "the mutilation of the body, the mutilation of the mind" which is the theme of the entire book. Delany shows where this gender choice business will lead.

One cannot have absolute freedom to do as one pleases; there are constraints built in by God, or the universe if you prefer. We need those constraints, and in fact want them, for they give us our bearings. without them we find madness and the whirlwind. That is the theme of Delany's book. I thought it would be appropo to bring it up here. Delany does a fine job illustrating the abject catastrophic failure of postmodern Leftist notions of freedom.

This also brings up the question of nature or nurture; the Left believes they can choose to violate the laws of nature with impunity. It is the old God Complex; they are the self-willed, the prime movers. We should be able to choose to be what we wish. Oddly enough, they make this argument often in the context of "I am what I am", saying that we choose to be what we are by nature. It's the oddest argument; they say that sex roles are artificial, and yet they claim that people are immutably one way or another. Being gay, they say, is biological and cannot be overcome, yet they argue that the gay person should be free to choose to be gay, to look gay, to act in accordance with a stereotypical subculture.

The notion that God made a man male and that he has a role as a man that comes from outside of himself is anathema to the new castrati. Yet they argue that a man is what he feels.

Well, I have often felt rich, young, and handsome, but that doesn't make it so. Do we redefine the meaning of rich, young, and handsome? Is it my fundamental right to be in that happy condition? No. The terms have a meaning, and I either am or am not in accordance with any of the three. (Well, none actually.) I cannot will myself in the Nietzchean fashion to be that which I am not. Yet the Left is trying to say that we can simply negate reality, choose the reality we wish. Fine and dandy - except it simply doesn't work.

A people who stop believing in reality will stop being a people. It's a civilization buster.

"The mutiliation of the mind, the mutilation of the body".

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