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Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Tentative Endorsement

Timothy Birdnow

A group of Conservative leaders have coalesced behind Rick Santorum.

At this juncture Santorum would be probably be my pick, although I am luke-warm about him. Gingrich would probably be my second choice, followed by Ron Paul, then Romney. I can't say I am thrilled with any of the contenders; this is a holding action year.

The problem with holding actions is that we get creeping socialism. Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. both advanced the socialist state by their policies, just did it more slowly than their Democratic counterparts would have. In some ways, a RINO Presidency is worse than a Democratic one, because we have to support it and defend it despite the fact that it is killing us slowly. And it breaks the power of Conservatives in the process. George W. Bush immodestly proclaimed "I have redefined the Republican Party" and he's right; he purged the old Reagan people from power, promoted "moderate" candidates nationwide, and stripped the right of it's voice. Of course, we moved leftward under Bush; No Child Left Behind, Prescription Drug Benefits, etc. all advanced under his watch.

What we have is the vision of the Fabian Society; creeping socialism rather than revolutionary. Or, as it has been said by friends of Obama, "dropping the radical pose to achieve radical ends". Can anybody imagine that we would have an end to "don't ask, don't tell" and allow open homosexuality in the military (which means we are going to promote it; that's how it works with the Left) just a score of years after Clinton proposed it? It was radical and engendered a huge fight at the time, yet now it is stuffy antiquated doctrine, sort of a Jim Crowe law of the modern world. It changed THAT fast, and opinions changed during the era of Bush, I might add. Bush set the tone for how we as a movement would fight, how we would explain, how we would build for the future. We spent so much time defending Bush we didn't have time to teach. So we lost a generation, perhaps permanently.

I fear we face that again. The only guy in the race who we could avoid that with is Ron Paul, but Paul is not a Conservative but rather a Libertarian, and in a world war (which we are in) is not the man for the job.

Is it really that hard to find a real Conservative? Newt certainly isn't, although he's been pegged as one by the media (who also say Romney, John McCain, and anybody with an R before their name is right of Atilla the Hun.) Bachman was one, but she's gone from the race. Perry talks a good game, although he too is finis, and he is said to talk a better game then he governed. Sarah Palin is quite good, and has the Reaganesque quality of being able to excite the base, but she has her problems (she's a huge supporter of amnesty for illegals, for instance) and she isn't running.

Where is the man who can rescue us in our hour of need?

America, indeed, the world is crying for that very man.

The Bible says a nation gets the leadership it deserves, and the whole World has been rudderless for decades now. There are no men of principle going into such roles, because nobody wants to endure the media prostate exam (just look at what was done to poor Herman Cain) and then suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous media fortune. We are getting the unprincipled, the unscrupulous, and the talentless. Let's face it; George W. was hardly the best the nation has to offer. He mainly had name recognition.

And, as Jesus said "I come in my Father's name and you reject me; another will come in his own name and him will you follow". Barack Obama came in his own name "we are the one's we have been waiting for" "if you love me, pass this bill" etc. Obama's failure has been in leadership also, but he has had minions in Congress energized and active, ever working their iniquity, and so his diabolical program has proceeded. The leadership we do have in America is all bad, leading this nation astray.

The Apostle Paul warned that "as anti-Christ is coming, so many antichrists have already come" and anyone or anything that opposes Christ is Anti-Christ. Clearly, Obama is a form of Anti-christ; he is the most pro-abortion guy ever in office, not even exempting botched abortions or partial birth abortion. He advocates charity to the poor by forcibly confiscating from those who are not poor aka stealing. He seeks to cure the blind and lame by human methods imposed by government, rather than doing the job himself. He seeks to exalt himself above all others and never mentions God, or when he does it is with his own name in the same breath. He concerns himself with the physical well-being of the masses but ignores their spiritual health. He is quick to yield the power of the sword to force those who do not agree with him to bend their knees.

We followed him once. Will we follow him again? The Bible describes the Beast as having a mortal head wound and coming back to life; is that a political head wound? Will he rise from the political grave?

Probably not, but he will act as "a voice crying in the wilderness" for one who is to come. A strong, charismatic leader would be a powerful magnet to most people, because this nation and indeed the entire world is drowning in a quagmire of puny men. The last few election cycles have seen a GOP field that is nothing but a quagmire of puny men.

So I would say at this point I am going Santorum, although with reservations. It's more of the same-old, same-old, but I don't see anyone else who I consider viable. Ron Paul is great when he is good, but he's terrible when he is not, and ultimately I think he misses the vital point, that we need a return to tradition, to morals, to GOD in this country if we are to overcome our troubles. The Founding Father's understood that well. Ron Paul would give us relief from some government, but in the end liberalism would advance greatly under him, because he will leave a spiritual vacuum that the Left will fill. And that's not to mention his foreign policy ideas.

These are sad times.

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