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Monday, March 19, 2012

McCain Throws Conservatives Under the Bus - Again!

Timothy Birdnow

John McCain is at it again. The former GOP Presidential nominee and erswhile Republican has slammed an Arizona bill designed to circumvent President Barack Obama's executive order forcing insurance companies to provide contraception - even in cases where the client company (such as the Catholic Church) opposes it's use.

According to the Huffington Post:

"McCain's staunch opposition to the contraception measure might be surprising to some, considering that he recently voted for Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt's similar amendment, calling for employers to deny contraception coverage to women for religious or moral reasons. But when host David Gregory asked McCain whether there is a "war on women" among Republicans, McCain said that Republicans needed to "get off" the issue of birth control and "respect the right of women to make choices."

"I think we have to fix that," he said. "There's a perception out there because of the way that this whole contraception issue played out … We need to get off of that issue. In my view, I think we ought to respect the right of women to make choices in their lives and make that clear and to get back onto what the American people really care about -- jobs and the economy."

End excerpt.

So, in his usual fashion, McCain walks right into the trap laid by the Democrats. The Democrats, desperate to turn the national conversation away from Obama's failures and to promote what they think is a winning strategy of class and sexual warfare, have hatched up this "war on women" narrative, and pushed it forward by Obama's executive order forcing insurance companies - and by extension the people who contract the insurance aka the customers - to fund free contraception for everyone, no matter their religious or personal views on the matter. Arizona seeks to correct this legislatively, and McCain publicly throws them under the bus on Meet the Press.

The man has Stockholm Syndrome. His time spent at the Hanoi Hilton has created a strange psychological quirk where McCain mistreats his friends and kisses up to his enemies.

Also, McCain used to be staunchly Pro-Life, but as his media coverge has grown more favorable he has walked back from that position. Certainly, given what RU 487 does, contraception has become an argument over abortion (RU 487 triggers an abortion). McCain has just thrown his Pro-Life supporters overboard with this monumentally stupid statement.

The contraception fight isn't going to go away, and the sooner the GOP comes up with a strategy to deal with it the better off they will be. McCain could simply have laughed at the question and moved on. Now he has made it into an issue. He didn't have a decent answer. He should have explained why such a law was necessary and put it back squarely where it belongs - on the President. This whole issue was manufactured by the Democrats, after all. The Democrats figure to exploit the fissure between social and economic Conservatives, and to try to draw the gullible to the One. Of course, it could never work without a media soundly in the tank for Obama.

Note the tenor of the Huffington Post piece:

"Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said in an interview on Sunday that he opposes a controversial bill moving through the Arizona legislature that would let employers restrict health insurance coverage of contraception to only those cases when a woman can prove a need for it because of a medical reason, such as endometriosis or an ovarian cyst.
The GOP-sponsored bill, which would put some women in the uncomfortable position of having to explain to their boss why they use birth control, already passed in the state House of Representatives and was endorsed by a Senate committee last week. McCain said, however, it has little chance of becoming law."

End excerpt.

Please note these words "that would let employers restrict health insurance coverage of contraception to only those cases when a woman can prove a need for it because of a medical reason, such as endometriosis or an ovarian cyst" and "The GOP-sponsored bill, which would put some women in the uncomfortable position of having to explain to their boss why they use birth control". Now, the author of the HuffPo the Magic Dragon piece knows full well that this is in response to an intrusive new policy simply commanded by Tsar Barack I, one that has never been a matter of public policy before. This author also knows that the exemptions in the "ban" (which is not a ban at all but merely allows employers to choose plans that do not cover the cost of contraception) are intended not to restrict; this is a bend-over-backward attempt to accomodate everyone. IF a woman needs contraception for medical reasons the insurance company will still be required to offer it. What won't be "required" (read forced) is for the companies to provide every woman an unlimited supply of the Pill, or of diaphragms, or of condoms. She can bloody buy those herself. The author of this piece knows that. The author further knows that the reasons for the woman's contraceptive needs will be between herself, her doctor, and the insurance company, not her employer. This is a lie, a lie designed to frighten the gullible.

This whole "war on women" nonsense is a creation of the news media. George Stephanopoulos started it back when he moderated the GOP Presidential Debate in January by asking Mitt Romney if stats had the right to ban contraception. This was then pushed forward by Obama's attack on religious liberty and his imperial order, and by the fake "congressional testimony" of a wholly unqualified 30 year old activist cum law student named Sandra Fluke. (I call it fake because she did NOT testify, having been denied for lack of qualifications, and instead held a press conference staged to look like a Congressional testimony.) This whole issue is a theatrical production.

And the endgame is abortion. Make no mistake about it; the plan here is to force insurance companies to pay for abortion, and eventually to fold that into the government plan as a precedent.

Military philosopher Sun Tzu once said that a critical tactic is to attack the thing your enemy holds dear, and the Left knows that Conservatives will be forced to fight this, because those of us who understand what is at stake cannot allow the Administration to get away with this. It is a way to back-door abortions. That is why they have struck at this particular spot. We can turn this to our advantage if we move it not just to abortion (on which the public is luke-warm) but on public funding of unrestricted abortion. Turn the argument against them. Most Americans do not favor that. The Catholic Church will oppose that. What McCain should have done is pointed out that this is where the liberals were trying to go with this and that they cannot be allowed to succeed. But he wants his enemies to love him, just as he did in Vietnam, and so he feeds them some of our own.

Abortion is one of the Left's sacred cows; they will overreach trying to defend it. They know it's one of ours, too, and they are counting on twisting our actions to suit their political purposes. We can turn this to our advantage, speaking of a war on children and a war on decency. Or a war on the First Amendment, which it surely is. If McCain can't do that then at least he should have remained silent, laughed the question off. He's worse than a fool.

We can win this fight, but not with the likes of John McCain. He is the reason we wound up with the Obama Administration in the first place.

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