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Friday, March 02, 2012

A Short Eulogy for Andrew Breitbart

Timothy Birdnow

As everyone now knows, Andrew Breitbart is dead of "natural causes" at the ripe old age of 43.

A couple of quick thoughts:

First, Breitbart was perhaps the most effective activist on the Right side. He did more than just talk about issues, he investigated them, and coordinated stings and took other proactive steps. Yes, the big talkers like Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck are important, but Breitbart was the guy who actually dug the information up and who exposed the truth for the chatterers. He will be sorely missed.

Dana Mathewson expressed to me his disagreement with the term "natural causes" as people rarely use that phrase when someone dies young. That is not to say that he was murdered or whatnot, but the media is clearly pushing this particular phrase here. Why? Perhaps it makes the concept of nationalized healthcare more palatable, or, concepts like death panels denying care more palatable. Thus is the way of things; you die. We are all just a hairsbreath away from death, the thinking goes, and only our wonderful government stands between us and the shady side of the topsoil. Dana has a good point.

There are those saying Breitbart's death may not be from natural causes, and that is why they keep emphasizing it. That is an unproven assertion, and thus something to dismiss unless evidence should surface. I understand the temptation; the Left (and Obama) HATED Breitbart; there are many potential suspects in such a case. But I have little doubt that the family will look into that.

The fact is that Breitbart likely had a bad heart, and didn't know it. I myself had a similar problem, and I'm just a couple of years older than Andrew. I was lucky; I didn't drop dead before learning of my own heart troubles. The doctors tell me I could have done so at any time. Breitbart apparently didn't know. And he lived a stressful, overactive life.

That said, I would still argue that his death was purposeful. I am not a believer in amazingly convenient coincidences, and his death was an amazingly convenient coincidence for the Left and Obama. According to the Bible a nation gets the leadership it deserves. A bad nation, one God wishes to chastise, gets rotten leaders. Perhaps Andrew Breitbart was taken because he was effective, a man who was helping to lead us out of the darkness? Certainly Obama stands a better chance of being re-elected now that he is gone.

I have stated before that Obama may not be the Anti-Christ of Revelation, but he is clearly AN anti-Christ; many of his beliefs are antithetical to what Jesus preached. His support of partial birth abortion and, in fact, full infanticide (he opposed a bill that would require doctors to save the lives of babies born after botched abortions, meaning they could just toss the live children into a trash barrel) makes him the most pro-death President to ever hold power in America. This is but one anti-Christ like characteristic held by President Obama. He knows it, too, and often uses the "Messiah" imagery in his campaigning and whatnot.

Andrew Breitbart acted as a restraint on Mr. Obama, and the others who would substitute the kingdom of Man for the rule of the Most High.

And don't forget my essay on evil. Despite the best efforts of the Left to make evil into a child's fable, it is real and it surrounds everything they do. Breitbart fought that evil. He was an enemy of the personification of evil, the old serpent known as Adversary, and yes, this spiritual entity probably did hate Breitbart as surely as did that entity's human children (the liberal/progressive left). I doubt any of these - either spiritual entities or plain old liberals - will shed any tears over the demise of Mr. Breitbart.

America is now the poorer for his loss.

I am not judging him a saint, or sinner, or anything else. I do not know his heart. But he was EFFECTIVE and his work was weakening the powers that have seduced and enthralled America.

So in that regard Breitbart's death was indeed "unnatural". He died young, at the peak of his influence. It is a serious blow to our cause, and one we may not be able to survive.

So let us say a prayer for the soul of Mr. Breitbart, and the soul of America as well. He will be sorely missed.

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