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Friday, March 02, 2012

Neo-Nazi running in GOP Primary in Chicago - the Chicago Way

Timothy Birdnow

Ron De Haan tips us off to a tumor in our midst; a GOP running for Congress in Chicago (where else?) is a Holocaust Denier.

Arthur Jones, 64, seeks to represent the Chicago South Side District 3 as the GOP candidate. According to the Oaklawn Patch, a regional newspaper, Jones is the organizer of Nazi events commemorating Adolf Hitler's birthday.

The Illinois GOP has wisely refused to place Jones on the ballot because of his extremist views.

According to his autobiography on his website:

"Listed in National Student Register - a "Who's Who" of American college students; past member of Young Republicans; Young Americans for Freedom- a conservative youth group; Republicans for Wallace; NSWPP, Populist Party; Republican National Committee; and founder and current National Chairman of the America First Committee."

End excerpt.

Please note; the NSWPP is the National Socialist White People's Party, a crypto-Nazi group.

And, according to the Patch article Jones stated:

“Philosophically, I’m a National Socialist,” Jones said. “Officially, I don’t belong to any party except my own, the America First Committee.”

The Chicago South Side is Barack Obama territory. I find this coincidence a little too, uh, coincidental. I wonder who is REALLY behind Jones's candidacy?

Remember, this is the political machine now in the hands of former Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel. Emmanuel, the man who said "never let a good crisis go to waste" is no stranger to political machiavellianism, and he would perhaps see the value in promoting a neo-Nazi within the GOP ranks to reinforce the narrative to an apathetic Democrat base.

National Socialism has more in common with Chicago-style politics than with anything coming out of the GOP. If Jones were a serious candidate he would be running as a Democrat, not a Republican, because he would have a better chance of taking the seat AND the party would more nearly resemble his worldview. But the Liberal/Left narrative is that Republicans are the racists/statists and a Nazi running on the GOP side gives great copy to the leftwing media narrative.

Of course, anyone who files is officially in the race, and the GOP cannot stop Jones, but the media will not tell us that. Should Jones make any headway (and, given the ignorance and lethargy of the populace, I would not be surprised if he did) the media will use this guy as a poster boy for the GOP. Don't be surprised to see Democrats changing their registration to vote for him.

This guy may be sincere (and sincerely a total jackass) but he will be a tool for the Left. Keep a sharp eye - this story could have legs.

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