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Monday, May 14, 2012

The Coming Breastfeeding Wars at Canada Free Press

Timothy Birdnow

I have distilled my discussion of extended breastfeeding and what the Left is up to with that Time cover story into an article at Canada Free Press.

Remember, nobody was talking about contraception until George Stephanopoulis brought it up in a GOP debate in February. At the time everyone was scratching their heads over the question. We now know it was a to become a centerpiece of the Obama campaign, the supposed GOP "war on women". I suspect breastfeeding is going to be the next stage in the campaign battle. Also, I try to explain how Leftwing groups support draconian regulations promoting unlimited breastfeeding at work and in public, and why they are so enamored of the practice. 

Jack Kemp made some good points which I was too late in getting into the article. For instance, there is the group La Leche League. (There is also a website called Lactavist).  He asks a very pertinent question;

"And what provisions can they make for Hilary Rosen and her girlfriend, neither of whom ever gave birth or ever started to lactate?"

End quote.

What indeed? Would it not be discriminatory for women to breastfeed while Rosen cannot? How will that be corrected?  If this becomes a civil right, doesn't that mean that Rosen or other adoptive parents aren't somehow being cheated. What will society do? Should they not get equal time during the day in some fashion? Where does this end?

But make no mistake; it's coming. Time telegraphed the Liberal plans.

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