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Monday, February 14, 2005

The Real Valentine`s Day

Happy Valentine`s Day to all!

St. Valentine was a third century man imprisoned by the Romans for the terrible crime of being a Christian. One of his jailors came to respect him (since he was an intelligent and educated man) and asked Valentine if he would have regular visits with his daughter for the purpose of teaching her. Valentine became fast friends with the girl, and wrote her letters signed YOUR VALENTINE. The legend was born after Valentine was executed on February 14, 296.

I hope that makes you all appreciate the holiday a little more; it is more than just a greeting card company holiday!



(My wife chucked me in favor of our cat for her valentine this year-I guess I`ve been married too long!)



Blogger TJ Willms said...

Holy cow! A Valentine story without a box of chocolates, jewelry, or a Hallmark card in sight. It must have happened before comercialism was invented.
The best Valentines day gift I ever came up with was when I snuck home from work early and made up the bed with red-satin sheets. A single red rose rested on the pillow, it was perfect.

The cat loved it!

1:23 AM  
Blogger Aussiegirl said...

LOL - Love that story, Gee Whiz -- loved reading these men stories on Valentine's Day -- you poor guys -- this is a day that makes men tremble all over America, no doubt -- LOL -- see -- we women have it made in the shade -- there's not particular day that women are expected to do anything special for men at all -- so what do we need liberation for? In Japan the WOMEN are required to give their bosses lavish gifts on Valentine's Day -- they love to imitate our holidays there - only problem is they usually get it a little wrong. (I'm admittedly late on this comment -- but then -- I don't have to feel guilty about forgetting Valetine's day since I'm a gal -- right?)

9:05 PM  

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