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Monday, April 04, 2005

The Truth Will Out

Throughout the Terri Schiavo affair we were told by the Mainstream Media that the public supported her murder. They conducted polls intimating that she was as good as dead but being kept alive artificially by her crazed religious zealot parents. Now John Zogby conducted a poll with correct information; the results are astounding!

Thanks to Mattias Caro at Potomac Gadfly.



Blogger TJ Willms said...

I first heard about this Zogby poll
Several days after Terri died. Where was it when the truth might have mattered in this travesty. It has the palpable smell of another liberal (to which Zogby has freely admitted) rubbing Americas nose in it after the outcome is already known. Worse yet, known to be wrong.

9:40 AM  
Blogger Aussiegirl said...

And given the slap on the wrist we just witnessed to Sandy Berglar -- is there going to be any follow up to this in the congress, ala Tom Delay, who I think has already been told to cool it by Cheney. Karl Rove is not going to have Republicans actually doing what's right if he can smell some swing votes he can pick up. I'm franky disgusted with the lot of them.

6:25 PM  
Blogger Gindy said...

I was going to say something similar to TJ.

Funny, in a not so funny way, that we don't see these numbers until after she passed away.

No one else felt the need to confirm a poll where there were some obvious flaws with the questoins?

12:10 PM  

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