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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

P. C. in the Pentagon D.C.

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The National Review Online has an article complaining about political correctness in the military-especially in regards to the role of Women in combat. Read about it by clicking the header. (I tried to copy and paste, but it screwed up my formatting again.)

I`d like to make a couple of observations on this issue. First off, I`d like to point out that P.C. in the military is nothing new; liberals in this country have been using the military to conduct social experiment's for years. Consider that the military was racially integrated long before the nation as a whole. Consider the efforts made to accommodate and advance women in the military. Does anyone remember Captain Linda Bray? When Bush 41 ordered the invasion of Panama to arrest Manuel Noriega (enforcing an indictment in Florida of Noriega for drugs) the army reported to the press that captain Linda Bray led an attack on a Panamanian Defense Forces (PDF) compound outside of Panama City. We were told that she ran a truck through the fence of the compound while under heavy fire, and almost single-handedly wiped out the Panamanian resistance. The mainstream press was joyous, along with the gang from NOW and Academia, because this PROVED that women could fight in heavy combat, and that the archaic rules banning them from combat needed to be scrapped. Slowly the truth came out; the compound was not exactly a PDF troop compound, but turned out to be a dog kennel. Capt. Bray didn`t exactly give the order to take this dog kennel; it turned out she wasn`t exactly there (she was at the command post a mile away). It seems that she simply RELAYED an order from her C.O. over the radio to the troops! The military, and the press, had tried to make her a hero for purely political reasons.

We witnessed the same spectacle with Private Jessica Lynch during Gulf War II. We were told Private Lynch`s maintenance company was ambushed, and that Jessica emptied her clip before being taken down by enemy soldiers. To her credit, Jessica refused to be party to this lie, and told the media the truth; she was knocked unconscious when her vehicle was hit, and remembers nothing until waking in an Iraqi hospital. The fact that the military tried to make a hero out of her proves ulterior motives. She was supposed to be the poster girl of Gulf War II, only she refused to cooperate with the charade (how many young soldiers would have the integrity to turn down hero status, as Private Lynch was willing to do, in the interest of integrity?)

My brother used to work as a PACE instructor on several Aircraft Carriers. (A PACE instructor is a civilian employee who teaches college courses to the seamen while they are out.) He was in the Persian Gulf during the first Gulf War, and was privy to much of what was happening during the War. He tells me that great effort was made to encourage and support women in the Navy. For instance, repair technicians carried a toolbox which weighed close to 100 pounds. The male techs had to lug this thing around by themselves, but the women techs were assigned a male crewman to carry the box for them. These seamen had to them stand around waiting for the female tech to complete her assignment, then carry the box to her next job. Likewise, naval airmen were graded by spotters whenever they flew. If they screwed up in any way, they were given what was called a Down. Four downs disqualified you (I`m not sure in what period-I suspect a month.) According to my brother, many of the women pilots had six or even eight downs, but were given exemptions because of the scarcity of female pilots. There was a famous case where the pilot crashed; she had 8 downs and was allowed to continue to fly. She crashed because she turned her radio off (and thus was not receiving emergency instructions) because she didn`t want flight control to hear her crying. The press reports spoke of none of this, of course.

I`m not saying that women are necessarily bad soldiers, but I am complaining that military efficiency is suffering because of politically correct efforts. The left has been using the military to conduct social experiments, then has been lying to the American people about the failures of these self-same experiments. This is wrong.

The Israeli army has probably more combat experience than any other nation, and the Israelis removed women from combat some time ago. Why are we pushing for it here?



Blogger TJ Willms said...

The military of any country serves two basic services; they destroy things and kill people. The left wants to use our men and women in uniform as an engine for social experimentation regardless of the fraud required to promote this agenda driven fiasco.
At the end of they day the price is the same, either some young person in uniform is used to deceive the American people or their lack of real abilities in combat costs them their life. War is not a game for the advancement of socially trendy tampering. The cost is just too high. Women have a contribution to make within the military they are simply not as well suited for life at the sharp end of the stick as are men. Wasting their core capabilities and ultimately their lives in service to political correctness is intellectually dishonest and morally reprehensible.

2:04 AM  

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