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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Death by Referendum

According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, a coalition of activist have demanded a constitutional amendment to protect somatic cell nuclear transfer research on embryonic stem-cells.

In this proceedure the nucleus of a stem cell is removed, and a nucleas from another part of the body is inserted in it`s place. The original stem cells are harvested from embryos, which have to be specifically bred and killed for the purpose. This is a monstrous proceedure worthy of Joseph Mengle; a child is created and destroyed so its stem-cells can be harvested at the pleasure of its doctors and kinsman. Missouri, along with many other states, is seeking to ban this abominable practice, and this Missouri Coalition for Lifesaving Cures wants to a Constitutional referendum on an Amendment which would prevent the State Legislature from banning it.

There are several points to be made about this. First, this embryo is completely capable of becoming an adult human under the proper circumstances. This means the embryo is in fact a human being. (You liberals may want to argue whether or not it is a PERSON since it is non-sentient; I consider most of YOU persons even though many of you are nonsentient, or only marginallly so! Certainly Hitler considered his victims non-persons; on those grounds that is a weak argument indeed!) Do we have the right, and should we even consider, amending our constitutions to make the murder of a human being legal, if the murderee is nonsentient? What will happen to the Democrats if we do? Can we deprive an American of the right to life by referendum?

Secondly, I would like to point out that all of the advances in stem-cell research has come using adult cells, and not embryos. The demand for embryonic stem-cell research stems more from a desire to keep abortion legal, and to advance euthanasia, than for the benefits to be derived. For more on my view on this, read my article on death and the left from the March issue of the American Thinker.

Finally, why are drug companies evil to the left, but human medical experimentation good? Why do taxpayers have to pay for it?

Our conservative governor, Matt Blunt (son of the man who has taken Tom Delay`s spot)claims to be pro-life but supports this gruesome practice. John Danforth, former Ambassador to the United Nations and former special prosecutor in the Branch Davidian case (remember that whitewash?) has broken with his pro-life supporters to support this. (Need I point out the ties Rev. Danforth has with the Bush administration?) Where are the defenders of conservative values and the sanctity of human life? Why doesn`t our President come to Missouri to fight against this? WHERE IS THE REPUBLICAN PARTY?!

These are the types of issues which matter to many conservatives. This is what we elected a Republican governor and president to fight against.

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